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Deloitte and ServiceNow for Manufacturing

Force-multiply the value of your people, systems, and tools.

You’ve made the right investments. Now, let Deloitte and ServiceNow optimize for impact—extending your existing manufacturing technology investments to help unlock business value, build resilience, and drive sustainable growth.

The manufacturing imperative: Maximize value

As costs, complexities, and customer expectations compound, you should focus your efforts and investments where they matter most.

By tapping into the deep manufacturing industry knowledge of Deloitte and the low-code platform of action from ServiceNow, you can optimize tech investments to:

    1. Unlock business value: Amplify your plant floor technology to protect long-term profitability and manage risk.

    2. Build resilience: Manage supply chain challenges and confront mounting disruptions with confidence and agility delivered by a connected enterprise supply chain.

    3. Drive sustainable growth: Advance your sustainability commitments, showcase progress against environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, and analyze critical ESG components to meet increasing stakeholder expectations with interconnected tools and processes.

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Optimizing Connected, Resilient Supply Chains in 2024

Watch Deloitte’s exclusive webinar to discover the most imminent 2024 trends for the manufacturing industry, and how you can embed resiliency into your supply chains to mitigate disruptions with the help of cutting-edge technology and generative AI. Secure your spot by registering now and gain insights into deploying digital workflows that unlock business value for your organization!


Connect, test, and scale: Deloitte Smart Factory


Within our global Smart Factory network, Deloitte pilots, showcases, and scales the future of manufacturing. These physical experiences offer real-world examples of how leading companies and top manufacturing executives can use smart, sustainable innovation to re-imagine manufacturing.

Deloitte Smart Factories serve as working models for transformation—each offering a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience designed to inspire new possibilities for innovation and growth. And regardless of where you are on your manufacturing journey, Deloitte can help connect, test, and advance your manufacturing processes. Visit one of our five Smart Factories for an experience tailored to your company’s digital transformation goals and begin unlocking your manufacturing potential.

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Ignite your manufacturing potential

From the office to the factory floor, Deloitte and ServiceNow help manufacturers efficiently connect, optimize, and enhance their existing technology to advance operations and sustain growth. Deloitte’s three-pronged approach is purpose-built to tackle manufacturing challenges, unlock business value, and reinforce relationships with customers, partners, and teams.

The Deloitte and ServiceNow difference for manufacturing

For more than a decade, and across more than 5,500 clients, Deloitte has delivered transformation programs as a ServiceNow Global Elite Partner. Our ServiceNow Assets & Solutions Group (ASG) is amplified by extensive manufacturing insights and capabilities for an approach built to address the realities of manufacturing today.

Compound value across your manufacturing organization

Get started today

With an approach that amplifies your existing technology investment, Deloitte and ServiceNow help you focus efforts and investments where they matter most. Let Deloitte and ServiceNow accelerate your smart manufacturing transformation journey and unlock business value today.

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of an exciting transformation that will fundamentally improve how we design, produce, distribute, and sell products. To expedite their transformation manufacturers can leverage the combined strengths of ServiceNow and Deloitte’s strategic expertise, seizing the opportunities driven by advancements in Generative AI.

— Ajay Chavali, Managing Director, ServiceNow Manufacturing Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Technology-enabled cross-enterprise transformation has swiftly emerged as the prime driver of competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. Deloitte and ServiceNow support manufacturers to embark on this transformation, establishing a robust foundation for enhanced resilience, flexibility, and value capture.

— Stefan Klang, Director, ServiceNow Manufacturing Leader, Deloitte Germany