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Salesforce + Alibaba Cloud

Unleash digital power in china

China's distinctive digital landscape offers organizations opportunities to enhance their digital footprint and realize their commercial potential. Yet, some enterprises may encounter difficulties in navigating China's robust security regulations, potentially impeding their expansion in the region. Deloitte Digital provides guidance and support to localize your Salesforce implementation through Alibaba Cloud migration.

End-to-end Salesforce localization in China

The trend of multinational companies localizing in China and Chinese companies globalizing is evident. With Salesforce teaming up with Alibaba Cloud strengthen operations in China, Deloitte Digital works closely alongside Salesforce and Alibaba Cloud to assist enterprises in achieving their AI,data,and customer relationship management transformation with comprehensive end-to-end capabilities.

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Salesforce & Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud addresses Salesforce users' concerns about data compliance and enables Salesforce to fully embrace China's digital technology capabilities and other platforms, thereby offering enterprises more flexibility in integrating into the local channels and ecosystem. Besides, the adoption of domestic Alibaba Cloud data centers will likely significantly improve service access speed and enhance user experience. Additionally, product after-sales service and operational support for Salesforce in the Greater China region will now be handled by Alibaba Cloud, ensuring a timely response and guaranteeing product support for users in China.

Accelerate digital growth in China with Salesforce + Ali

Explore the opportunities for digital transformation within the regulatory landscape of China. Learn how multinational companies can thrive and maximize growth in the Chinese market while complying with the country's Cybersecurity Law (CSL). Discover how Salesforce China Customer 360 enables seamless cross-border data transmission and ensures the protection of sensitive personal data.

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