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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence

Deloitte and Google Cloud can help your enterprise integrate AI into your day-to-day operations, working at scale to achieve new levels of innovation and competitiveness.

The speed of business has increased exponentially. Organizations able to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can gain the power to deploy formidable new capabilities – and own the future. Will your enterprise be among them?

Deloitte and Google Cloud are ready to help you get more out of AI today, and, ultimately, remake your business into an AI-first organization. No matter where you are on your AI journey, we can support you, from strategy and roadmap development, to exploration of individual use cases and testing of proofs of concept, all the way to full integration of both traditional AI and Generative AI (GenAI) into your day-to-day operations, working at scale to achieve new levels of innovation and competitiveness.

Pull timely insights from masses of unstructured data. Turbocharge productivity. Enhance customer experiences. With Google Cloud's leading AI and data capabilities, coupled with Deloitte's transformation-led approach, extensive industry experience, global reach, and focus on business value, you'll have the foundation to unlock your organization's true potential.

It's time to reinvent the game, with AI solutions from Deloitte and Google Cloud.

Toyota Motors at Google Cloud Next

Dave Tsai, Toyota Motors & Gopal Srinivasan, Deloitte

Toyota Motor Corporation is partnering with Deloitte and Google Cloud to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into enterprise operations and connected vehicle technology. This has enabled the development of hyper-personalized customer experiences, boosted productivity, and supported Toyota's supply chain transformation, all while adhering to responsible AI principles. Discover how Toyota, Deloitte, and Google Cloud are leading the way in the advanced application of AI in the automotive industry.

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Support at every stage

From first steps to full integration, Deloitte is here to help your business become an AI-driven enterprise, with solutions tailored to your organization's specific needs and goals.

Kickstart GenAI

The first step on your GenAI journey. In a half-day executive workshop, we'll share an overview of industry-specific GenAI applications, review and prioritize several relevant use cases, and run a proof of concept for your highest priority option.

Enterprise AI Readiness

For businesses ready to deploy GenAI at scale. We'll conduct a detailed maturity assessment to identify transformational opportunities, use ready-to-deploy solutions to help you move from proof of concept to large-scale deployment, and help build a business case to promote stakeholder buy-in.

Future of Enterprise

Your gateway to designing an operationally lean, functionally efficient, and cost-effective AI-first business. We’ll help you develop a strategy and roadmap that can remake your key functional areas with GenAI at the center, enhance customer and employee experiences, and drive value.

AI and Data Strategy and Operating Model

For businesses ready to build an AI strategy and roadmap tied directly to business goals. We'll show you how to use AI to help improve data management, identify new revenue streams, monetize your proprietary data, and deliver sustained benefits over the long term.

GenAI Acceleration

For businesses ready to use GenAI to transform business operations, drive efficiencies, and improve customer service. We'll help you implement GenAI-driven virtual assistants and enterprise search models that can enhance customer experiences, boost employee productivity, and accelerate decision making.

Operations Services

For businesses seeking to improve efficiency, break down organizational siloes, and improve data management and quality. We can show you how to use out-of-the-box Google Cloud GenAI and machine learning capabilities to help simplify and automate operations, standardize processes, and deliver data consistency and quality.

Catalyst AI Suite

Deloitte's Catalyst AI Suite is a family of ready-to use GenAI accelerators, including the CAMPfire GenAI development platform. Businesses in the advanced stages of GenAI adoption can use Catalyst AI to build and deploy new solutions, simplify and automate legacy processes, and extend capabilities.

Success stories

Enterprise knowledge search

Deloitte’s client, a leading semiconductor company, catered to customers who worked with highly complex products performing a wide variety of functions. However, the company's field application engineers struggled to respond quickly to customer inquiries, spending considerable time searching through multiple sources to find the semiconductor products that matched their customers' engineering criteria. Our client needed a way to help their engineers respond faster to customer inquiries, and to assist customers directly as they searched through product document repositories. Deloitte's solution used Google’s Gemini and Vertex AI to create an augmented search co-pilot, which improved document searchability, enhanced productivity, and reduced time to sale.

Content generation

Deloitte’s client, a large consumer goods retailer, found that their staff were spending considerable time and effort in manually writing recipes, creating metadata, and updating answers to frequently asked questions on the company web site. In fact, the creation of a single new recipe could take up to eight weeks. In response, Deloitte helped the company implement a GenAI text content generator using Google's Vertex AI. The solution connected to product, nutrition, and recipe data bases, and created recipe text blocks based on the retailer's requirements.

Software development support

Deloitte’s banking client's software development engineers were spending significant numbers of hours building their technical knowledge manually, through day-to-day exposure. This meant that developer onboarding, skills acquisition, and team enhancement all took far too long, impacting the bank's ability to operate at peak efficiency. In response, we built a GenAI-based code auto-completion solution trained on the bank's own internal code conventions and patterns. The solution was able to provide guided support to developers through code review, much like an expert code reviewer would. This has shortened developer onboarding and learning cycles, reduced errors, and increased cost efficiency, with faster project completion times and proactive identification of bugs.

Compliance assistance

In the pharmaceutical industry, FDA announcements often have an impact on product information and compliance dates. Yet, Deloitte’s client, a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, struggled to identify the full regulatory and business implications of these announcements, risking the issuing of warning letters for compliance violations. Our solution drew on the Google News API to capture and scrape relevant information from articles published on FDA inspections. Then, GenAI used this information to predict when FDA warning letters would be issued, and to identify which products, markets and customers would be most impacted.

Customer service and support

Deloitte’s client, a leading insurer, operated a call center which received over 6,000,000 calls annually from customers and brokers. However, with limited call documentation capabilities, agents did not have ready access to case histories or context. This impacted call handling time, constrained the agents' ability to serve customers efficiently, and put extra pressure on operating costs. Our GenAI solution automatically transcribed, redacted, and summarized calls for the agents, making case documentation more unified and seamless.

Route optimization

Deloitte’s client, a large shipping organization, receives requests for quotation from more than 200 clients annually, with each one typically containing more than 500 individual route requests. Responding effectively required months of dedicated manual effort, which constrained the company's ability to focus on longer term strategy. Our GenAI solution automated the selection, collation, and creation of route options for scenario planning from multiple data sources. As a result, our client was able to cut their RFQ response process from 50 man-weeks of work to just three working days, enabling faster product selection and routing, while freeing the organization to plan and act more strategically.