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Mental Health

Deloitte believes that supporting mental health and well-being is critical to attracting and retaining the best people and helping them be their authentic and productive selves today and into the future. We recognize the importance of de-stigmatizing mental health in the workplace and the need for Deloitte people to know where and how to seek support when they are facing mental ill health. Our leaders understand the importance of maintaining a stigma-free and inclusive workplace. 

2023 Global Impact Report

Building better futures

Deloitte has been working to advance mental health awareness and support our people globally for several years. In January 2021 we introduced a mental health baseline that sets clear expectations around a stigma-free workplace, providing leadership learning and support, and identifying causes of mental ill health and corresponding actions to help address them in each country in which we operate. As of March 2023, all Deloitte member firms had successfully met the baseline. Building on the baseline, we are focusing on developing tailored guidance and tools to help firms to continue to address the most significant workplace issues, the first of which focuses on burnout. A comprehensive toolkit covers preventative mental health strategies and practices, including knowledge sharing and tools for mitigating and managing burnout. 

Deloitte offers various resources to support its people when it comes to their mental health. We believe that prevention is critical. Resources include well-being articles, videos, and educational materials, as well as information published on Deloitte’s Global Inclusion Hub, an online resource accessible to Deloitte people globally. Most recently, as part of its immersive experiences, Deloitte created “Daniel’s story,” which focuses on mental health.  

In 2022, Deloitte Global created the “Supporting Mental Health at Work” e-learning, which has been released globally. This learning module aims to raise awareness of signs that someone might be experiencing mental health challenges, how to have a supportive conversation, and the resources available that can help. This e-learning was recognized with the Gold Award in the Advances in Competencies and Skill Development category in the 2023 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.  

Each year, World Mental Health Day provides an opportunity to advocate for and accelerate positive change around mental health in the workplace. Previous campaigns have shared the journeys of some of our people when it comes to mental health, and in 2022 we launched a digital media campaign entitled “What’s really on your mind?” which aimed to break down all-too-common, self-reinforcing patterns that may hinder open dialogue on mental health at work. 

Externally, Deloitte aims to promote the importance of mental health as a priority for business leaders globally. Deloitte is a founding partner of the Global  Business  Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health (GBC), established in January 2021 to advocate for and accelerate positive change in mental health in workplaces around the world. In 2023, Deloitte participated in the GBC-led Leadership Roundtables in Singapore and Mumbai, bringing together C-suite executives from current and prospective GBC founders and signatories, to discuss the opportunities and challenges around employee mental health in the regions. 

Since 2020, Deloitte Global has published a paper each year on the mental health findings of its annual Gen Z and Millennial Survey. These “deep dives” provide insight for employers on the importance of mental health when it comes to these generations, along with practical actions to help foster better mental health at work. The 2022 paper highlighted concerns such as burnout and its impact on millennials and Gen Zs, while the 2023 report shows that employers are taking some steps to provide the support and environment needed, but there remains much to do to eliminate stigma around mental health in the workplace. 

In a year of global challenges with a deeply human impact, Deloitte sought to support and inspire our people and communities, making an impact that matters in society.