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Deloitte Bermuda provides skills-based volunteering to the Bermuda Cricket Board

Impact Every Day Project | Story Series

Deloitte Bermuda collaborated with the Bermuda Cricket Board (as part of their ongoing Impact Every Day initiative) to provide skills-based volunteering. Nathan George, Deloitte Risk Advisory Senior Consultant, and Marthinus Dreyer, Deloitte Financial Advisor Senior Manager, identified a system to delegate and organize tasks in relation to donor management. The system was designed to automate the donation process for newsletters, thank-you’s and follow-ups. Additionally, they focused on ways to increase sponsorships from small business and corporate institutions.

Marthinus Dreyer: “The systems and advice provided will help improve the relationship with current donors and engage with new prospective donors. New donors and donations are required to support the development and continuation of youth and women’s cricket programs in Bermuda in times of budget constraints. On a personal note it was great to learn more about the important role cricket plays in Bermuda, the various youth programs hosted by BCB and the way COVID-19 have impacted the sport and funding on a global level.”

Nathan George: “It was great to assist the Bermuda Cricket Board in their efforts to foster the community through Bermuda’s national sport. The advice provided should help to maintain and grow their donor network for continued support of their various cricket programs. I personally enjoyed learning about the potential opportunities for women’s cricket and the programs available for Bermuda’s youth.”

Calvin Blankendal, Executive Director, Bermuda Cricket Board: “The Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) enjoyed having the opportunity to partner with Deloitte Ltd through the Impact Every Day program. The collaborative efforts resulted in the BCB receiving a one-year subscription to the Bloomerang donor software platform. The platform will provide the BCB with an innovative tool to engage our donors and all corporate stakeholders. We wish to thank Deloitte Ltd. for their generous support and may we continue to partner on future initiatives.”