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Deloitte Trinidad mentors budding young leaders on workplace skills

Future Build Program - Shaping young minds, Shaping young adults

Deloitte Trinidad, through our Future Build Program, provided mentorship to secondary school students and coached them with the skills required for them to achieve their professional ambitions.

Earlier this year, Deloitte Trinidad launched the Future Build Program, its student mentorship project. The aim of the program is to empower students through career development and life skills at the secondary level. Through our local WorldClass commitment to make an impact that matters, we are applying our core skills and experience to empower students by addressing career development at both secondary and tertiary levels.

Our staff totaled 568 hours in volunteer time from the design and creation of bespoke content. With Future Build, we develop direct programs and collaborations, that help secondary and tertiary students to build important life skills that instill a professional work ethic and help them to aim for a career that aligns with their values, interests and skills. 

With the physical restrictions arising out of the pandemic, our team utilized the online Zoom platform to virtually meet with students of forms four and six. 

The first installation of the program ran from February to May, with a total of six sessions that covered areas of soft skills and career development. The topics included ethics, communication skills, navigating technology, accountability, resume building and goal setting. Students were also given the opportunity to discuss common career interest areas with mentors and receive feedback in real time. 

Christine Dalkan, one of Deloitte’s Future Build team leaders shares her perspectives: “It was a fulfilling experience, to be able to share what we've learnt on our own educational and career journey. The students were eager to speak about their career goals and engage in the discussions. The most amazing part was recognizing how much we have to impart as professionals to the next generation.” 

The form 4 students of the East Mucurapo, the school with which the program was kicked off , were engaged and their Dean stated they were excited to join each session.

Deloitte Trinidad is excited about the success of the program thus far, and looks forward to continuing to provide mentorship to secondary students. We also hope to extend the opportunity to tertiary students in the coming year.

Principal, Mr. Phiilip and Form Four Dean Ms. Therese Watson both found the program concept and session outlines, to be of great benefit to the students. Mr Phillip commented “We are always happy to provide opportunities for our students to develop and be ready for the workplace. We welcome support from firms like Deloitte.”