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Congratulations Total Convenience Management Limited!

A Trinidad & Tobago 2019 Best Managed Companies Program Winner

The TCM Group aims to become the Market Leader in Roadside Assistance Services, and in the Vehicle Rental and Transport Service spheres in Trinidad and Tobago

Our Vision is to continue our relentless pursuit of delivering World Class Service through an empowered, passionate and dedicated Team while continuously improving financial, technical and logistical expertise in our delivery.

The TCM Group is divided into 4 distinct Operational Business Units: TCM Roadside Assistance Services (TCMRA); TCM Executive Transport Services (TCMET); TCM Lease and Rental (TCMLR); and TCM GPS-Vehicle and Asset Tracking Services. As a Vehicle Leasing, Rental and Services company our core resources fall into two main categories: 1) Our Team (People) and; 2) Our Vehicles. The TCM Group has been heavily influenced through contractual relationships developed over the past 20 years with multi-national companies operating within Trinidad and Tobago. Highly specific scope deliverable targets with quarterly Key Performance Indicators have been a staple of our core service relationships dating back to our first major contract award in 2002.

Strategy development has always been highly focused on efficient delivery of service and exceeding customer/client expectations. In this way, each new business unit evolved out of meeting a specific strategic need presented by our existing clients in an already existing operation. We have developed a Quality Management System specific to the TCM Group through the ISO: 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard over the course of 2015 – 2017.

Risks are continuously assessed at both a local and global level and in corporate far reaching review of potential impacts to stake-holders, suppliers and business partners.


'Going the extra mile - every time.'

Most recently, TCM has integrated its GPS - Vehicle Tracking technology with MS Field Point reporting to meet Global standards for In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) platform performance. This allows real-time Driver Behaviour monitoring and correction to better encourage legal and progressively safer driving habits on a continuous improvement basis. TCM has a distinct Customer Service Excellence culture which has been cultivated through a TEAM first mentality. When we tell our people that they are our greatest resource, this is not typical corporate lip service - this is a bedrock, foundation principle of the TCM Organization; cultivating and evolving a positive culture and an organizational mentality of 'going the extra mile - every time.'

TCM has always promoted a very strong Road Safety culture. TCM created the NGO - "ARRIVE ALIVE!" in the early 2000s in order to promote Road Safety awareness and was instrumental in having the Breathalyzer passed in Trinidad and Tobago.

"We serve each client as a VIP, and have transformed our business, aligning processes and systems to work in line with our operational and strategic objectives. We are ISO certified and have invested in technology to track our fleet,support our drivers with GPS systems and provide our employees with resources needed to excel.”