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Congratulations Blue Waters Products Limited!

A Trinidad & Tobago 2019 Best Managed Companies Program Winner

The Blue Waters’ vision is encapsulated in the statement “One bottle a day for every man, woman and child in the English-speaking Caribbean.”

We deliver to our stakeholders our mission – “To profitably inspire and delight those we choose to serve with quality, functional and great tasting beverages”. We ensure that our products are profitable for both the company and retailers while consumers get an affordable product, of high quality with functionalities such as low calorie, low sugar with added nutritional benefits and is great tasting.

We incorporate all our stakeholders into the value chain ensuring that they are aligned with every step of the process. This includes all our suppliers and strategic partners who we sponsor consistently over the years such as National Cricket, West Indies Cricket, National Football, Athletics, Health and Wellness and other disciplines consistent to our brands positioning in the market.

The Vision, Mission and Values drive the company’s three (3) to five (5)-year strategic agenda and annual business plans and help create our niche position within the beverage sector. These guiding statements have been formalized and made visible to our internal and external customers on the employees’ Identification Cards, at strategic points throughout the building, as well as on the company’s website. The company’s activities are centered around 5 strategic pillars, namely Profitable Growth, Focus on People, Focus on Health, Safety & Environment, Financial Sustainability and Production & Efficiency. In fulfilment of our vision, our company has developed long-term projections to 2030. Our strategic plans are informed by these projections in conjunction with market research, including current state analyses of local and regional (existing and potential) markets. Internal performance and technical data are also reviewed to inform our strategic planning.

Our company is driven by the mandate “Never disappoint our customers.”

The PDCA (Plan | Do | Check | Action) concept is the main process driver for Managers and Supervisors to close performance gaps. Weekly Review Meetings (WRMs), Monthly Review Meetings (MRMs), Quarterly Review Meetings (QRMs) and Annual Review Meetings (ARMs) are set up with Supervisors and direct reports to review project execution and review solutions to close gaps. Our standards include the unannounced international audits from the International Bottle Water Association (IBWA), National Standard for Food Safety (NSF), Pepsi International, YUM Brands and CARIRI.

The approved Operational Plans become the annual Scorecard for each department. The initiatives contained in the departments’ Scorecards are then cascaded to develop action plans for execution by staff during the next performance year.

Our activities are therefore constantly focused on integrating stakeholders’ requirements and meeting or exceeding their expectations. Our strong customer orientation and service mindset help to personalize the client experience and create value added focus. Additionally, our products have been streamlined via heavy focus on innovation and a commitment to producing beverages that are not only tastier but healthier for the consumers.

We aimed to create a first world business – focusing on our customers and driving a service excellence culture, investing in Talent development– we focus on continuous improvement through our IT driven systems we can identify anomalies knowing on which line, truck or palletan issue may have arisen and through a robust feedback mechanism make corrections quickly