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Resiliency Lies in a More Adaptive, Innovative Workflows According to ServiceNow/Deloitte Customers in 2023 Trends Report

Companies debut industry guide to understanding and capitalizing on the workplace trends shaping business and impacting customers today

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2023 – Smarter workflows can help businesses not only survive – but thrive in a changing world, according to Deloitte and ServiceNow’s “2023 Workflow Automation Trends” report. In the face of volatile economic, political, social, and environmental realities, a business’s ability to adapt is key to success and resiliency. The report outlines the top five trends customers are currently prioritizing amid industry headwinds and provides a guide for organizations looking to leverage these trends to continuously deliver innovation and remain competitive.

To help organizations across industries manage this complex challenge to build recession-proof operations, Deloitte and ServiceNow collaborated to examine the current state of the enterprise space and where it needs to be. 

Thoughtful adaptation to unlock value

Through the lens of these five oncoming trends, the “2023 Workflow Automation Trends” report also addresses who will be most affected and how Deloitte and ServiceNow can provide top-of-the-line solutioning to any roadblock or use case.

“In a constantly evolving and often disruptive business environment, organizations are required to be agile and resilient, continuously planning for a broad range of scenarios. This report outlines the five trends customers are currently seeing – and helps equip leaders to deliver the speed, scale and insight that organizations require for sustainable growth,” says Dejan Slokar, Global ServiceNow Lead Alliance Partner. “Through our collaboration with ServiceNow, along with our depth and breadth of skills and differentiated solutions, we’re helping organizations rapidly adapt to new challenges and build a foundation for continued business performance.”

Organizations must prioritize innovation as well as leadership, collaboration, and accountability in order to empower their teams and provide value to customers and investors. This dovetails with the findings in Deloitte’s “2023 Global Human Trends” report that reveals while many leaders understand the need for new fundamentals in today's world of work, less than a quarter feel their organizations are very ready to address this trend.

Re-architected workplace

Five workflow automation trends for 2023, according to the report:

  • Sustainability and profitability converge–By aligning growth and planet goals, organizations can be shaped into industry leaders.
  • The productivity challenge continues–A universal crisis of productivity can be turned into an opportunity for innovation by working together.
  • Value delivery requires tech investment–Organizations can drive end-to-end value delivery through digital transformation.
  • Cost management remains challenging amid tech sprawl–With effective management, cost optimization can boost innovation rather than hinder it.
  • Governance of Enterprise Service Management sees continued urgency–To succeed in our new normal, organizations must keep advancing toward ESM maturity

“Effective leaders are absorbing change by rearchitecting the world of work to create impactful outcomes,” said Erica Volini, ServiceNow senior vice president for alliances and channel ecosystem. “The Deloitte and ServiceNow alliance empowers our joint clients to dream big and embrace disruption to solve their biggest digital transformation challenges.”

With the industry-leading advice and support of Deloitte throughout organizations’ transformation journeys, teams can harness the power of platforms such as ServiceNow to strengthen their data management approach and integration strategy.

Deloitte was recently named a ServiceNow Americas Service Provider Partner of the Year for achieving overall excellence in certification and revenue growth, as well as demonstrating the ability to deliver a world-class customer experience.

The full report is available at ServiceNow | Deloitte Global.

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