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Justine Freese knows #FosteringSavesLives

Justine is a regular foster for the Humane Society, focusing on cats with special social or health needs.

Our purpose - to make an impact that matters - guides us in how we support our clients, our people, our communities and our planet.

Cayman Islands Humane Society

The Humane Society provides care to dogs and cats in need in the Cayman Islands. The shelter is continuously onboarding homeless puppies, dogs, cats and kittens, who are in desperate need for a break and help to find their forever homes. Fostering helps them find comfort, learn to love humans, and gives us endless joy.

Hear how Justine is making an impact that matters!

Justine is Co-Chair of the firm’s Community Ambassadors Team, and a WorldClimate Champion. She is a regular foster for the Humane Society, focusing on cats with special social or health needs.

During my years at Deloitte Cayman Islands I have enjoyed being part of several Impact programs. I have been mentoring interns and high school students during their time at Deloitte, where I love to share with them what we do on a day-to-day basis and hope to inspire them in considering a role in finance in the future. I have also been involved in the Well-being Committee and the ALL IN Committee. Recently, I became Co-Chair of the Community Ambassadors team, through which I am enjoying helping the community in various ways.

Outside of Deloitte, I have been extensively involved in volunteering for the Cayman Islands Humane Society. The Organization works tirelessly to promote animal welfare, reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals in Cayman, and get cats and dogs off the streets and into loving homes. 

The HS foster program gives individuals/families the opportunity to temporarily care for these pets, in the aim of helping them be adopted in the future. Often these animals come to us sickly or weak (or just need a little break from the shelter), and fostering makes a real difference in their overall health, human interactions, behaviors and suitability for adoption.

Over our time in Cayman, we have fostered more than 5 sets of cats/kittens, many who had a rough start to life. With love and patience, we were able to rehabilitate and get them back to good health, and many have gone onto permanent and loving homes!”