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Jared Faellaci

Managing Director | Global Oracle Sales and Growth Leader

I am first a husband, father, friend, and finally a marketplace professional. My expertise as a Business Development Growth Leader is based on spending the past 20 years working with clients assess their complex business problems and how to strategically define and deliver value leveraging technology as an enabler. 

In the simplistic form, I help understand and solve our clients' business problems. I have had the blessing of working for technology start-ups, Oracle, and now Deloitte in a Business Development leadership role. My clients include Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies in various industries including high tech, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, energy, healthcare, and Non-Profit organizations.

The foundation of my life is based on a servant leadership framework applied to all of life's relationships: Relationships built on trust, integrity, and respect lead to influence, and that influence leads to lasting impact and results. This is the framework for how I approach all of life. This also supports my passion to connect great people with great ideas to unleash the power of the collective. Having an insatiable curiosity for what makes people and companies tick, I am truly at my best when empowering others to define and execute a path to value and impact in the marketplace. My ability to inspire others to action is one way I measure success.

Specialties: Complex, competitive solution selling; Business development; Global growth; IT strategy; global strategic account management; bold plays; technology advisory services; IT vendor management; mentoring, coaching and development; Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures.

Outside of work, you can find me spending time either with my family or investing my life in meaningful volunteer opportunities with multiple Non-Profit organizations since I firmly believe the value of my life is determined by how much of it is given away.