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Dejan Slokar

National Ecosystems and Alliances leader | Deloitte Global

I am proud to lead Deloitte Canada Ecosystem and Alliances organization with a vision of helping our people, our clients, our firm and our alliances achieve their most important goals through engagement, collaboration and innovation with strategic ecosystems of relevant relationships.

In my role as a member of our Global Ecosystems and Alliances Executive, I represent Canadian business and focus on amplifying impact of Deloitte’s ecosystem Globally.

Dejan is proud to lead Deloitte Canada's Ecosystem and Alliances organization. He envisions helping the firm, its people, clients, and alliances accomplish their crucial objectives through engagement, collaboration, and innovation within strategic ecosystems of pertinent relationships. As a member of the Global Ecosystems and Alliances Executive, Dejan represents Canadian business interests and concentrates on enhancing the impact of Deloitte's ecosystem globally.