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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lorentz

Global Consulting Sustainability & Climate Leader | Managing Partner Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH

Bernhard Lorentz has dedicated his career to two major goals: Decarbonization of industries and improvement of public service. In his role as Global Consulting Sustainability & Climate Leader, he oversees sustainability topics within Global Consulting and serves as the founding chair of the Deloitte Center for Sustainable Progress. His main responsibility is to provide clients with comprehensive and globally integrated support in managing the transformation towards net-zero. Within Germany, Bernhard is in charge of Sustainability & Climate across all services as the leader of the newly founded entity, Deloitte Sustainability & Climate (DSC).
He is widely recognized as a policy advisor, with a particular focus on global energy and decarbonization strategies. In his capacity, he acts as a liaison between government, industry, and academia, advising clients in various industries such as automotive, public sector, hard-to-abate industries, and finance. Bernhard serves on numerous boards of public, academic, and philanthropic institutions in Germany and the United States. He is the founder of various think tanks in the field including Agora Energiewende, MCC and the Climate Neutrality Foundation and served as chairman of the Mercator Foundation.