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"You’re exposed to everything that goes on, giving a better overview of how Deloitte operates and the cross service line interactions"

Audit Senior Stephanie Sareen tells us why she joined Deloitte in Bermuda

Stephanie takes a moment to share her experiences and perspectives


Why did you decide to go on a mobility assignment?

After 3.5 years in the London office I was ready for a new challenge of some description, but I still wanted to stay with Deloitte and have the option to come back to my department after trying something new for 18 months.

Why did you choose Bermuda?

Personally — the opportunity came up and I thought, why not?! Professionally — Bermuda is the second largest global hub for insurance (second to London) and has a very significant funds industry, so the client base and work are at the same level as London. The office is much smaller (approx. 150 members) so you’re exposed to everything that goes on, giving a better overview of how Deloitte operates and the cross service line interactions etc.

How did you find the transition and support provided?

The transition was made really easy by Deloitte, there’s a great buddy system in place with other expats who have been in your shoes so are very willing to answer silly questions, like where you can get a decent fry up or direct you to the only supermarket on island that sells marmite. I joined with about 12 others and we all get along well — I guess we have a lot in common having all chosen to move to a rock in the middle of the Atlantic doing similar jobs at Deloitte!

What are the main differences between working in London and Bermuda?

The 5-minute commute is amazing. Not sure how I’ll cope with the tube when I move back to London…

Describe what it is like living in Bermuda so far?

I’ve spent every weekend outdoors either running, cycling, or playing hockey — all the way through winter! Once busy season is over I’m going to do my PADI qualification so I can get out scuba diving. In the summer the activities become more beach and ocean oriented — so planning to find a friend with a boat before then, and play in one of Deloitte’s beach volleyball teams. If you like traveling, it’s quite convenient for getting over to the US — I’ve got flights booked to go to NYC and Boston in the next few months (both less than 2hrs away!) and am planning more US travels for later in the year.

Favorite moment to date?

Waking up to an ocean view every morning.

Worst moment to date?

FOMO for all the events with my friends at home I’m missing.