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Life at Deloitte

Perspectives from our people
"Work/life in Bermuda has been fun; a learning path, and challenging in a very positive way."

Audit Senior Nyasha Kondo tells us why she joined Deloitte in Bermuda

Nyasha takes a moment to share her experiences and perspectives

Why did you decide to go apply to an opportunity to work abroad?
Having been in audit in my home country for 4 years, I decided that it was time for me to grow wings like bird, fly away from my parent and explore the world, the world being opportunities in audit elsewhere.

Why did you choose Bermuda?
I researched about various opportunities and developed an interest in Bermuda right from the start. The nature of its economy which is predominantly financial services caught my eye. I didn’t have much exposure to these industries in my home country so I decided to go for it. In addition, when I researched about the island, I was impressed with its pink beaches, outdoor activities, short commute to work just to mention a few. Having grown up in a land locked country, why not go for a water looked country.

What attracted you to join Deloitte?
I have been within Deloitte for the past 5 years and Deloitte has developed into a home for me. I have met colleagues that have developed into friends and more into family over the years. I love the work ethic within the firm. I have managed to advance in my career without my social life suffering. Moreover, Deloitte is a global firm and here I am now, I have found myself in Bermuda.

How did you find the transition and support provided?
I am satisfied with the support that I received regarding relocation. The firm has a good buddy system. A buddy is allocated to you before you arrive on the island and will help you prepare for your arrival on the island. This helped me a lot as I was already informed about the island when I arrived. My buddy helped me look for accommodation. In addition, we were welcomed by partners on the first day of work. They were very friendly and shared with us their experiences since their first day on the island just like me. After completing induction, I met my fellow colleagues and they were welcoming as well. They were quick to guide me on how to manoeuver on the island and get my feet going and have been since then.

What is the work like in Bermuda?
Work life in Bermuda has been fun, a learning path, and challenging in a positive way. I have learnt new things. My seniors are very supportive and encourage me to

What are the main differences between working in your home office and Bermuda?
I love the one Deloitte approach, everywhere you go, Deloitte will be Deloitte.

Describe what it is like living in Bermuda so far?
Living in Bermuda is having a home away from home. I tend to forget I am thousands of miles from my home country. The community is friendly and welcoming to new comers.

Favourite moment to date?
Everyday is a favourite moment for me. My experiences each day in both my work and social circles are priceless. I have learnt a lot, I have seen a so much, I continue to be amazed.

Worst moment to date?
Learning to ride a scooter has been one of my worst moments. Others do it so easily, but I can’t get my scooter to go. I have given up.