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Life at Deloitte

Kellee Albury, Bahamas

"My role gave me the opportunity to interact with fellow Deloitte colleagues from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds."

Name: Kellee Albury

Alumni of Deloitte

College Attended: Florida International University

Degree Completed: Management Information Systems

Years at Deloitte: March 2008 - October 2016

Alumni of Deloitte

What did you like most about your role?

What I liked the most about my role as a Senior Consultant was the diversity of the types of projects I got to work on. The types of projects my department engaged in varied in nature which provided a great learning opportunity to apply skills from prior projects while learning new skills for the current project.

What attracted you to Deloitte?

The Deloitte in Bahamas office is one of the largest risk services practice in the country and serves clients with a diverse range of services, thus I was attracted to Deloitte because of the opportunity to work with knowledgeable and well-seasoned professionals.

Describe your role while serving at Deloitte

My day-to-day role varied depending on projects and client needs. My responsibilities included activities such as conducting meetings with clients, coordinating research, analyzing information, preparing project plans, preparing and reviewing deliverables and presenting clients with our findings. Examples of the projects I worked on include: IT Controls Reviews, IT Audits, System Implementation Reviews, FATCA Readiness Assessments, FATCA Implementation Advisory, Service Delivery Optimization and Regulatory Financial Reporting.

What else were you involved with during your tenure at Deloitte?

I was a member of the original team to implement IMPACT Day in The Bahamas and I participated in all of the IMPACT Day events since its inception at Deloitte in Bahamas. I also served two tenures as a member of the Social Committee.

How did Deloitte contribute towards your long term career goals?

Deloitte played a major role in my longer term career goals by enabling me to gain knowledge, experience and exposure to clients in a variety of industries with a variety of unique challenges.

What did you enjoy most?

My role gave me the opportunity to interact with fellow Deloitte colleagues from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds. The projects I worked on and the training events I attended allowed me to travel within the Caribbean, Canada and parts of Latin America.