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Deloitte Women in Cyber

We are the women in cyber. The few protecting the many. The underrepresented, who over influence. The half of the world, who see the problems differently, who solve them uniquely. We are the women in cyber safeguarding society. Protecting us all. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Welcome to Deloitte’s Global Women in Cyber!

Across the Cyber practices of Deloitte member firms, we have talented professionals dedicated to the support and advocacy of women in this vibrant industry. From professional development to training, recruitment, and building community with all, Women in Cyber is a diverse community built to encourage, share knowledge, celebrate accomplishments and solve challenges. ”

There's strength and power in knowing you are a part of a community with similar objectives and goals, and a strength and power in a shared identity as cyber professionals, especially when what brings you to cyber are your own interests, lived experiences and voice. This diversity creates a better society.

To continue bringing greater visibility to women in the cyber industry, we are excited to collaborate with The Female Quotient on “Women in Cyber”. In this exciting series, get to know these exceptional and inspirational leaders who have made a great impact in the cyber industry as they share their unique journeys.

So, explore our page, ask questions, make connections, and jump right in!

Emily Mossburg - Global Cyber Leader

Meet the leaders in our Women in Cyber series

Learn from these extraordinary cyber leaders as they share their stories, achievements and how they landed where they are today.

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Meet the Deloitte women in Cyber

The following women are representative of the professionals who make up the cyber practices across our network of firms. We appreciate their willingness to take part in this campaign and share their stories.

Meet more women in cyber

Read more inspiring stories from women in cyber sharing their career advice and insights on how the industry will evolve in the future.

We need more like us.

We need more like you.

Join us.