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Deloitte Women in Cloud

Fresh perspectives on some of the world’s big challenges

Welcome to Deloitte Women in Cloud

An introduction from our Globalize Consulting Cloud Transformation Sponsor and Deloitte Global Core Business Operations Leader

This month, Deloitte Global celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) and efforts around the world to leverage innovation and technology for gender equality, the United Nations’ theme this year.  Deloitte Women in Cloud leaders across the Deloitte network have a passion for technology and possess the skills and talent to help deliver some of the most innovative cloud transformation solutions not only for Deloitte clients but also for our communities.  We celebrate their professional accomplishments, their contributions to gender equality and equity, and their mentorship to help grow our next generation of leaders.

Technological advancement requires innovation; and innovation often requires a diverse workplace.  A diverse workplace can support and encourage different ideas and perspectives. As a society, as we try to close the gender gap across many fields, but especially in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), it is crucial to make digital learning more accessible, adopt inclusive workplace policies, and celebrate women’s accomplishments.

At Deloitte Global, we are making a conscious effort with career development initiatives to help close the gender gap. For this month's feature, we are highlighting two of our women leaders: Emma Bishop, Director, Deloitte New Zealand, and Amita Shanbhogue, Senior Manager, Consulting, Deloitte US - India . Emma, who started her career as an industrial designer and now works with the latest cloud technology in our Microsoft Technology Services practice, considered a new career path after seeing that cloud could tick the box as a creative outlet to continue building amazing things.  For Amita, cloud is at the epicenter of a lot of technology changes that are happening across any organization and has found success through mentorship and sponsorship at Deloitte. 

Mark Walsh, Globalize Consulting Leader, Deloitte Global Consulting, Heather Stockton, Deloitte Global Offerings & Assets Leader, and I are proud to work alongside these exceptional women leaders. At Deloitte, we are determined to continue to do more -- enhancing our cloud transformation practice with a diverse set of unique perspectives and innovative thinking. The women leaders we featured here are not all from technology backgrounds — at Deloitte, we believe that cloud is more than about the technology; it is about the potential for transformative impact, both with Deloitte clients and within our communities.

We invite you to explore the stories of these remarkable women and hear about their passion for driving organizational and social innovation. If you share a similar passion as these women, join them as this could be you

John Ciaramella - Globalize Consulting Cloud Transformation Sponsor and Global Consulting Core Business Operations Leader

We are the women in cloud. We solve problems, see possibilities, and create impact. We are making a difference, from the first day of school to the corner office, and from the farmer’s field to the factory floor. This could be you.

We need more like us. We need more like you. Join us.