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Life at Deloitte

Finance Manager Darshani Workman shares her Why Deloitte CBC? story

"I am motivated to create real value for our internal clients."

Since joining Deloitte CBC six months ago, it has been a great experience so far. I have the opportunity to work on assignments that challenge me daily and the work environment has been welcoming. 

I feel like an equal team member and receive the support of my peers and management. With the continuous training provided, I feel like an investment to the firm and am motivated to create real value for our internal clients. It is reassuring to be able to reach across our global network to access expertise and be confident to receive assistance.

Before CBC, I volunteered in my spare time but now with CBC’s Individual Volunteer Program, my personal goal is aligned with CBC’s strategy and together we are making a rewarding impact.

Possibly the most intriguing part of my journey with Deloitte CBC is being part of a diverse group of professionals where diversity is celebrated. For me, like The Green Dot, Deloitte is where worlds are made; at the beginning of everything!