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In a year of global challenges with a deeply human impact, Deloitte sought to support and inspire our people and communities, making an impact that matters in society.

From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to the war in Ukraine and its social and economic reverberations, this has been a year of global challenges with a deeply human impact. As Deloitte sought to support and inspire our people and communities, for us this has also been a year of reaffirming our commitment to making an impact that matters in society; reimagining the future of work to help our people thrive; and reconnecting in person, where possible, for moments that matter to foster our sense of belonging.

For our purpose-led organization, this has required resilience and creativity both to tackle the challenges of the present, and to lay the groundwork for shaping better futures. It has required the collective ambition, energy and ingenuity of our 415,000 Deloitte people around the world, connecting for impact.

Our people

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While much has changed over the past year, Deloitte does not waver from our commitment to support and inspire our people.

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Responding to humanitarian crises

Deloitte has continued to devote significant resources to help our communities address the pandemic. COVID-19’s disproportionate effect on underserved and marginalized populations highlights the need to address health inequity in our communities. Over the past year, Deloitte has driven collaboration and investment with the launch of Deloitte Health Equity Institutes in Africa, India and the US. In addition, Deloitte formed a strategic alliance with Vodafone to increase access to telemedicine and other digital healthcare solutions for people across Europe.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Deloitte moved quickly to support our people and others impacted by the war. We helped colleagues in Ukraine and their family members move to safety and provided them with temporary housing, financial support, immigration and legal assistance, and counseling.

Deloitte and its people have demonstrated incredible solidarity and support to Ukrainians, and provided financial donations and time—in pro bono services and volunteer work—to global and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). For example, Deloitte Central Europe created an app called IRENA, a chatbot that enables NGOs and governmental organizations in the region to provide necessary information to refugees at scale. Worldwide, Deloitte has raised more than $US7 million in monetary donations to support the immediate humanitarian needs, including food, housing, health care and psychological support. Deloitte also made the decision to separate from our practices in Russia and Belarus; our organization no longer operates in those countries.

Deloitte is committed to supporting education, skills building and employment opportunities for refugees and displaced persons, in Europe and beyond.

Empowering 100 million futures

Millions of people in our global society are held back from achieving their full potential. To address this shared global challenge, Deloitte has focused our collective resources on investing in education and skills through our WorldClass ambition. We have a goal of impacting 100 million futures by 2030 through programs and collaborations with leading educational organizations around the world. Together, we help scale opportunities, speed up progress and create better futures. We have already impacted 34 million individuals since 2018, including 14 million during FY2022.

Future innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders will need new skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Deloitte ran the WorldClass Education Challenge, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, to advance innovative educational approaches that support access to quality education and training opportunities for more of the world’s students. In late 2021, a group of 12 innovators based in Africa, India and Asia Pacific was selected. Their projects focus on digital learning, developing critical skills for future workers and investing in educators. For example, Job Oyebisi seeks to inspire the next generation in Nigeria by providing them with access to quality STEM education. His innovaton, StanLab, puts a 3D virtual laboratory at students’ fingertips. To expand and scale these programs, Deloitte is providing pro bono professional services, financial grants and opportunities to participate in networking opportunities and events.

42 Training hours per individual
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25% Female partners, principles and managing directions (goal of 30% by 2025)

A partnership with purpose

While most people might not think of a sports sponsorship as a way to drive societal impact, we see it differently. That’s why Deloitte and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have formed a global partnership to help advance the Olympic Movement.

The Olympic Games have a long history of uniting athletes and supporters from countries around the world to bring out their best, in a spirit of fair and friendly competition. The motto of the Olympic Games, “Faster, higher, stronger—together,” reflects that focus on unity and feels especially important in these trying times.

That call to action also captures the ambition of Deloitte and the IOC’s “partnership with purpose.” Deloitte will provide a global team with wide-ranging management and business consulting capabilities to support the IOC with its digital transformation strategy, provide the IOC with Management and Business Consulting Services to advance the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020+5 goal, and drive initiatives related to sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, and athlete career transition and well-being.

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