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Every day, you’re called upon to improvise, ideate, and find new ways to power the world. Faced with incredible demands, you never shy away from the challenge. You’re built for this.

Be a giant among microchips

Chip shortages. Fab challenges. Supply chain distruption. In the semiconductor sector, managing impossibility and navigating uncertainty are just part of the job. Deloitte’s multi-talented, multi-disciplined pioneers of the tech industry can help you identify new ways to sustain growth, gain a competitive edge, and power a more promising future.

What we do

Deloitte’s worldwide semiconductor offering is a blend of strategic, operational, and technical capabilities that help empower our clients to make strategic choices, plan, and execute on their strategies. This practice spans continents, semiconductor public and private ecosystems, and the entire lifecycle of semiconductor engineering, manufacturing, and distribution. Our services address an exhaustive set of business areas from talent to technology, from tax to cyber, from AI to finance, from customer to M&A. Simply put, Deloitte covers the Semiconductor gamut.