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Global Powers of Construction 2022

Explore the current macro-economic outlook and expectations for the coming years for the global construction industry

Despite the shift in geo-political dynamics in early 2022, global construction companies witnessed significant growth in their total revenue. The Global Powers of Construction (GPoC) amounted to a total revenue of US$ 1,940 trillion in 2022, 6.3% higher than in 2021. In the last year, the global construction industry saw a period of commodity prices surges, supply chain disruptions and the re-emergence of significant inflation, brought on by the  outbreak of a war in Europe.

While industry sales have increased, construction is expected to record sluggish growth in 2023, mainly due to the weak economic situation and negative conditions represented by increased construction material costs and significant labor shortages. However, as economic stability improves, certain areas such as infrastructure and energy and utilities could play a significant role in driving the overall growth of construction output.

The Global Powers of Construction analyzes the outlook for the construction industry worldwide and discusses the strategies and performance of the most representative listed global construction groups in 2022. In this report, we identify and rank the Top 100 GPoC based on sales and Top 30 GPoC based on market capitalization and international sales. It also discusses the key trends shaping the industry and assesses the potential challenges and opportunities for the coming years.

Key findings:

  • The market capitalization of the Top 100 GPoC decreased from by 14.5% to US$ 600,401 million in 2022, post the market recovery seen in 2021.
  • The financial performance of the Top 30 GPoC varied according to the nationality and activities developed by the entities. Aggregate market capitalization grew by 10.8%, net income increased by 21%, and revenues increased by 16%.
  • For the Top 30 GPoC companies, revenue obtained from international sales dropped to 15%, down from 17% in 2020 and 19% in 2019.
  • 25% of total revenues reported by the GPoC were obtained from non-construction activities. European companies were the most diversified (~32% of total sales) while non-construction activities represent about 24% of total sales for US and Asian companies.
  • Internationalization and diversification have balanced risks, which is critical given the instability surrounding the macroeconomic scenario.

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