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As global influences fundamentally shift how the tax function operates, tax leaders should become strategic advisors. We can share our experience, technology and innovative ideas to help your organisation become more agile. Lead your business through complexity with confidence.

Generative AI: What should tax directors be thinking about?

In recent years, Generative AI has gained significant attention in the tax profession. With the emergence of large language models and user-friendly chat interfaces, tax professionals now have access to powerful AI-enabled solutions that can revolutionize their processes and decision-making.

In this publication, we aim to provide tax directors with a strategic framework for integrating Generative AI (GenAI) within the tax function. Rather than focusing on specific products and use cases, we will explore the broader capabilities of GenAI and its potential applications in the short, medium, and long term. We will also address the risks associated with AI and the importance of developing a longer-term strategy to harness its full potential.

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