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StartSuccess by Deloitte provides a single source of SAP solutions and services that can help you transform with speed and simplicity—and evolve on your terms.

Empowering agility:

Transform with ease using StartSuccess

As they seek to make their businesses more agile, many organisations today are looking to transform their core operational systems with cloud and SAP solutions. But not all of them are planning massive, end-to-end transformation projects.

Medium-sized companies, especially, may require focused ERP and human capital management (HCM) functionality that allows them to address more immediate priorities—whether it’s enabling best practices for business processes, simplifying core HR and the employee experience, or turning enterprise data into real-time analytics that can support better business decision-making.

StartSuccess by Deloitte can help—with a modular approach to cloud-enabled transformation powered by SAP solutions—allowing companies to transform in ways that matter to them while providing the speed, simplicity, and flexibility that they require.

Tailored transformation:

Embrace digital evolution at your pace

Focused on transformation “at your own pace and on your terms,” StartSuccess allows you to deploy your selected digital business capabilities and the related solutions that matter most to your businesses today. It provides an alternative, standards-based path for organisations that may not require a “big bang” transformation and that may be overwhelmed by their options for systems modernisation and digital enterprise transformation.

StartSuccess includes technical services and capabilities to provide out-of-the-box solutions right from the start—including pre-integrated processes, an intuitive browser-based user experience, data governance, and universal search capabilities, as well as unified ticketing and support plus integrated implementation services. It also includes a content platform to support adoption of new solutions, drive employee engagement, and manage change across the enterprise.

Define your own digital journey with StartSuccess
Streamlined simplicity with SAP solutions

Underpinned by SAP solutions, StartSuccess allows you to start your digital journey on your own terms. It aligns tightly with RISE with SAP, an SAP offering designed to simplify engagement and support cloud-enabled “business transformation as a service.” Through StartSuccess, Deloitte provides streamlined licensing, purchasing, implementation, provisioning, and support experience that covers key SAP solutions such as:

  • SAP S/4HANA® Public Cloud (for digital core functionality)
  • SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central (for essential HR data and human experience management
  • SAP® Analytics Cloud (for business intelligence and predictive capabilities), and
  • SAP® Identify Access Governance (for secure, role-based information management)
  • SAP® Concur (for travel and expense)
Flexible and built to evolve

With a “right-sized” approach to transformation, StartSuccess can allow you to more easily adopt the capabilities that your business requires now—without having to invest in more functionality than your needs demand. The vision? Putting you in control of your own digital transformation experience—with capabilities that are tailored to the unique needs of your business.

StartSuccess also offers flexibility, to support your ability to evolve as a disruption-ready enterprise—the Kinetic Enterprise™—supported by a clean core, intelligent technologies, responsive cloud solutions, and an inclusive ecosystem of capabilities. With the modularity that StartSuccess brings, you can easily add on additional solutions and modules as new needs emerge and as you become ready to move to the next step in the transformation journey. Through a harmonised implementation methodology, the offering allows you to add capability modules and additional SAP solutions and ensure that they work as part of a connected digital ecosystem rather than siloed systems.

Speed to value

To help you realize value sooner with SAP solutions, StartSuccess also leverages boost by Deloitte—an offering designed to accelerate your RISE with SAP through a single SAP subscription and set of Deloitte services covering advisory, implementation, operations, and innovation needs. With StartSuccess powered by boost as well as Deloitte’s proprietary accelerators, SAP customers can launch new cloud-enabled capabilities for core ERP, core HR, and enterprise analytics in potentially 16 weeks versus a year or more for traditional projects.

In addition to that speed to value, StartSuccess offers potentially lower total cost of ownership—thanks to a standard operating model and cloud-managed services. Put it all together and it’s a formula that can help you realize results early and continuously.

How will you start?

Disruption will keep putting your business to the test—and requiring that you transform in the ways that matter for your business. How will you do it? And how will you do it on your terms—leading with today’s business priorities but with an eye toward tomorrow’s potential needs?

No matter where you are in your transformation journey, Deloitte can help you plan your next step and move forward with impact. Contact us to schedule a demo of StartSuccess and get additional insight on how you can enable a built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise with SAP technologies.

Contact us to learn more about StartSuccess and modular transformation.

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