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IoT and the benefits of smart manufacturing

Data insights Better-informed decisions Improved performance

Savola Foods leads the way

Savola Foods is keen to make a positive impact on society and health, in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030. With that in mind, they reached out to us to introduce smart factory manufacturing solutions, incorporating exponential technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud into their operations to capture digital data and turn it into actionable insights.

IOT and Smart Manufacturing

Savola Foods is a leading innovator in the food industry in the Middle East, with innovations such as non-hydrogenated and immunity boosting edible oils, but also robotic automation and cutting edge digitisation of manufacturing processes. Facing pressure from a competitive market, the company was looking for ways to increase market share, efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Taking a foundational approach to Industry 4.0, Savola Foods wanted to create a connected production facility, beginning with the implementation of a smart factory pilot. They approached us to help develop and implement digital solutions that would drive value to be scaled to their global production network.

The Deloitte difference

Our cross-functional team piloted digital solutions by baselining performance to identify process bottlenecks and critical business challenges that could be addressed by real-time asset monitoring and a digital maintenance collaboration platform.

1. A tailor-made AWS IoT platform based on Deloitte’s Smart Factory Fabric accelerator was configured to capture real-time data from the PLC/SCADA of connected equipment and sensors that enabled the team to co-develop features and dashboards to both visualise operational KPIs and provide insights into the production process. 

2. Key process and machine parameters were captures, with business rules applied to generate alerts in case of abnormalities, enabling key stakeholders to address issues more efficiently and with more certainty

3. Digital libraries of asset manuals, equipment drawings, and spare parts lists were developed to allow technicians ease of access to information, improving the repair time

The cloud provides the necessary computing power to process and visualise all the data that is being captured, allowing Savola to work faster and with more accuracy than before.

Realising business value

With this solution, Savola Foods can reduce downtime associated with breakdowns, improve mean time to repair assets, and improve the mean time between failure of assets.

Real-time data visualisation and alerts allow for data-to-insight and insights-to-action from management teams and operations on the production floor.

A foundational IoT platform was developed with the potential to build predictive maintenance models to improve performance. And, a smart factory roadmap has been established to deploy and scale technologies to Savola Foods’ broader production network.

About Savola Foods

Savola Foods, which owns operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Türkiye, Algeria, Morocco and Sudan, manages a broad portfolio of B2C food brands. Mainly household staples such as edible oil, sugar, pasta and ghee, many of the brands are market leaders in multiple countries. With the aim to safeguard future growth levels, Savola Foods devised a detailed roadmap to guide the organisation toward higher-value product categories and markets with untapped potential.

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