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Iris Tower goes digital

Working together with a multidisciplinary Deloitte team, informative and interactive kiosks and screens were installed throughout the building. With the central set-up in the Cloud, both employees and visitors now get real-time updates on news, services, procedures, etc.

The Digital Signage project is part of the BeConnected programme and meets the ambitions of the Brussels Region. It encourages innovation and information sharing. It facilitates interaction between agents from different administrations. It also enhances the experience of citizens visiting the Iris Tower, while promoting an increasingly digital and collaborative workforce.

The challenge

The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region wanted to improve and simplify the interaction between its citizens and city workers. Deloitte was invited to help them digitise the Iris Tower and achieve their ambitions.

The solution

Working together, the Brussels Region teams and a group of functional analysts, designers, developers, and cyber security experts, among other, from Deloitte developed a cloud solution to install kiosks and screens throughout the Iris Tower.

The digital signage supports existing communication tools and channels. It contributes to the efficient distribution of information according to the expectations and evolution of the target groups. It also offers an innovative and instantaneous channel for the distribution of information already available within the organisation (e.g., from the intranet).

Improving services for citizens and employees | IrisTower | Accelerated by Cloud

Iris Tower goes digital

About Iris Tower

The Brussels Region has chosen to move to the neighbourhood around Brussels North Station, which is being revitalised as part of an urban revitalisation contract. As such, the BRPS is making a significant contribution to the challenge of revitalising this neighbourhood.

The new building, named Iris Tower in reference to the flower that is the symbol of the Brussels-Capital Region, is perfectly suited to the needs of the Brussels Regional Public Services’ current and future employees.The environmentally-friendly building was designed according to the principles of sustainable investment, with an emphasis on thermal insulation and energy optimisation.

This move also offers a good opportunity to update the administration’s working methods and strengthen the quality of service to the region’s citizens. The motto: every inhabitant of Brussels counts!

Every time I come to work, I can see visitors using the self-service kiosks and the direct impact of what we’ve developed. I’m very proud of this project and what we have accomplished.

José Calhau Pinto, Product Tech Lead, Deloitte

By settling in the Iris Tower, the Brussels region chose to massively invest in digital technologies and new ways of working to become an organisation that is even more efficient and innovative.

Julie Fiszman, General Secretary, Regional Public Service of Brussels

The results

The implementation of an interactive digital signage network empowers the Brussels Region to meet its objectives in terms of digital inclusion and talent development, creating a paperless environment, optimising flow management, and promoting multimodal mobility. It also ensures that the region is evolving with the times.

Throughout the Iris Tower, screens are used to stay informed, fulfill tasks, and inspire action. On the ground floor, citizens can access all of the public services on the self-service kiosks, with staff on hand in case of any questions. A media wall highlights important advocacy campaigns to keep people informed.

On the upper floors, where the Brussels Region employees work, the digital system Deloitte developed includes touchscreens that highlight internal news and events, a 3D map of the building, and public transportation information—the data is updated every 30 seconds, so they almost receive it in real time. The screens can also be used to register for events, book meeting rooms, and take notes. 

Now that the digital system is up and running, Deloitte continues to collaborate with the Brussels Region to constantly improve it, adapt it to evolving needs, and add new features.

In the past, making updates meant manually working on each kiosk. Today, they are all connected to the Cloud, so changes can be made in a single centre, which immediately disseminates the changes to all the devices. This not only accelerates the work of the developers, but benefits the citizens and employees.

One of the biggest advantages of being in the Cloud is the ease of replicating and scaling. Should the Brussels Region wish to expand the digital system to other sites, the software can be transposed in a single click once the hardware is installed.

In the past, we had to implement new solutions kiosk by kiosk. Today, thanks to our central setup in the Cloud, we can distribute updates centrally to all kiosks at once, which is easier and faster.

Niels Boone, Cloud Architect, Deloitte

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