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Harnessing the power of the cloud

As a relatively new company, Sparkers had very ambitious customer deadlines and often struggled to find a structured approach to meet those deadlines. In addition, the organisation had a shortage of cloud solution architects, therefore finding it hard to develop its solutions in a cloud-native way.

Deloitte’s team of cloud engineers helped Sparkers design a future-proof cloud environment following best practices and implement a full CI/CD strategy to deploy resources to that environment. Furthermore, we helped create the infrastructure architecture needed to run their big data services inside the cloud.

As a result, Sparkers has become more agile and more innovative, and able to develop products faster. Its employees are using cloud in the development process, ensuring that they can focus on the essence of the applications and no longer have to invest time in infrastructure maintenance, etc. Importantly, its customers get a more reliable, secure, and responsive product.

Deloitte is continuing the cloud journey with Sparkers by providing tailored cloud infrastructure and operations services for new products.

Harnessing the power of the cloud | Sparkers | Accelerated by Cloud

Sparkers goes from strength to strength

About Sparkers

Sparkers provides secure and data-driven platforms designed to bring valuable insights to major players in the gaming industry, as well as audience monitoring to companies that wish to valorise their advertising campaigns.

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