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VDL launched its digital sales platform within one year

Digitising and automating metal part sales with Cloud

Working together with Deloitte, VDL Technics set up an online platform, OrderOn, which enables customers to upload drawings and receive quotations within minutes for their metal part production needs. By leveraging the Cloud, a small proof of concept and the expertise of its employees, VDL was able to transform from a paper-reliant business to a true digital leader in its industry. With the key elements of its success story serving as a blueprint for other VDL companies, the OrderOn platform has the potential to change the game for the entire VDL Group.

Digitising and automating metal part sales with Cloud | VDL Group | Accelerated by Cloud


VDL Group operates in a highly competitive market where resources such as materials and personnel are scarce. To maintain its position as a frontrunner, the company recognised the need to stay ahead of the competition through digitisation and automation. However, VDL faced the challenge of building up and preparing a technical environment before it could achieve its goal. To address this issue, the company sought a more efficient and scalable solution that could be realised within a short timeframe, leveraging Cloud.


A game-changing solution

VDL partnered with Deloitte to develop OrderOn, an online platform that allows customers to upload their drawings and receive a quotation within minutes. OrderOn supports the metal part production of VDL’s customers and captures the intelligence and knowledge of its employees through the Cloud.

Starting with a small proof of concept, VDL identified the key learnings needed to scale and work toward the final, full-scale solution. This project enabled VDL to transform from a traditional company that relies heavily on paper into a truly digital company in just a year.

Thanks to Cloud we were faster, more secure, more scalable, and therefore we could realise a proof of concept in just a few weeks.


Bart Bennenbroek, Chief Digital Officer VDL Digital

We’ve become a true digital company that relies more on Cloud solutions than on people and paper.

Bart van der Staak, Head of Sales / Project Manager OrderOn

About VDL Technics

VDL Group is a Dutch family-owned company that operates in the manufacturing industry, with more than 100 companies and over 15,000 employees. VDL Technics, which specialises in the production of metal parts, has established itself as a market leader in this field. Despite their large size, VDL operates as a small family business, allowing them to adapt rapidly to the demands of the market. With a focus on digitisation and automation, VDL Group is transforming their traditional manufacturing business into a true digital leader in their industry.

The Deloitte difference

The partnership with Deloitte allowed VDL to leverage the Cloud to realise a proof of concept in just a few weeks, enabling the company to move faster, more securely, and more efficiently toward the final solution.

Our team worked closely with VDL to make the project a success, with a focus on scalability and replicability across the VDL’s wider group of companies. We were dedicated to ensuring that the VDL business owners were truly involved in the project from start to finish, capturing the company's intelligence and knowledge in OrderOn through the Cloud.

By leveraging the power of Cloud, VDL Group was able to transform its sales process and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Transforming from a traditional company, which relies heavily on paper, to a truly digital company within a year, is very impressive.

Michiel Tijsterman, Delivery Manager Deloitte

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