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Tim Paridaens

Partner | Internet of Things leader and Global Chief IoT Architect

Tim Paridaens is Partner within Deloitte Consulting with extensive experience in large scale technology-enabled business process transformation and has specialized in I4.0, (Industrial) Internet of Things and Digital Supply Chains. Tim is leading all IoT-related activities in Deloitte Belgium, from go-to-market to project deliver (ideation, strategy, implementation and target operating model design) and is member of the global IoT team core team. He has built up industry experience in the private industry including life sciences, consumer business (retail and consumer goods), automotive, telecom & media and banking and public sector both on federal as European level. Currently, Tim serves multiple clients in designing and delivering innovative I4.0 / IIoT solutions, with a specific focus on Digital Ports, Connected Logistics, Connected Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance and Connected Healthcare.