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Discovery & Data Management

Rise above the complexity of modern eDiscovery with confidence and clarity.

Discovery & Data Management services and capabilities

Our Discovery and Data Management services help clients rise above the complexity of modern eDiscovery with confidence and clarity. Among a sea of consulting firms, law firms, and alternative legal service providers (ALSPs), our clients choose us for the peace of mind that comes with our respected brand, breadth of relevant experience, and insights on digital technologies that are paving the way to the future of legal. Our global teams of specialists have deep experience with innovations in smart workflow, machine learning/AI and data management and can provide strategic advisory, litigation and investigation assistance, AI-enabled contract management, document review, cloud discovery and data breach notification services.

Modernise workflow, create value and take control with our Discovery & Data Management services.

Core D&DM Services:

  • Advisory & Litigation Support
  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Hosting
  • AI Enabled Review 
  • Discovery Program Management

Specialty D&DM Services:

  • Digital Forensic & Technology Investigations
  • Technology Advisory & Expert Witness
  • Data Breach & Privacy Notification
  • Data Remediation
  • Information Governance Programs
  • Claims Management 
  • Legal Intake & Workflow Management
  • Contract Management & Analytics
  • Communications Monitoring

Deloitte Discovery has an exceptional team of professionals throughout the Americas, with technology and cross-border abilities to assist with global solutions. For example, to better serve our clients in the evolving Latin American market, the Deloitte Latin American Countries Organization (Deloitte LATCO) was established as a regional organization to unify our firms in that area; with nearly 4,500 professionals distributed among 25 offices in 15 countries.

Deloitte Discovery's America teams also have access to market-leading technology. Some examples of this include Deloitte Canada's National Discovery & Analytic Centre (NDAC) and Deloitte United States' Electronic Discovery Solutions Center (EDSC). The NDAC is the largest private analytic lab in Canada for conducting computer forensic, Discovery and analytic insight engagements. The EDSC is the centerpiece of the discovery operations in the United States and is Deloitte-owned and managed in Nashville, Tennessee. The EDSC is dedicated to handling processing and hosting for all US client projects. It was built to meet key Tier III and Tier IV data center specifications, and currently houses more than 1,000 servers providing 5 petabytes of dedicated storage.

Americas locations include:

  • Aregentina and Latin America
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Caribbean & Bermuda Countries
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • United States


The Deloitte Discovery team has a strong presence throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Some examples of this include:

The Deloitte Center of Excellence for Discovery and Computer Forensics (The Center) for mainland Europe, located in the Netherlands, is the largest hosting hub practice with dedicated Discovery professionals. The award-winning Center has multiple quality, sustainability, and security certifications and is one of the most highly sustainable data centers in Europe.

Deloitte Discovery's United Kingdom team has deep capabilities in new areas such as Computer Assisted Review where they have demonstrated to clients the benefits in both cost and risk of adopting this technology. They have also pioneered new service offerings such as Assisted Redaction and Audio Discovery so that clients are able to benefit from our investment with reduced costs through more efficient review. Additionally, the United Kingdom is the site of one of our European data center hubs with robust data processing and hosting facilities in dual data centers, geographically dispersed in East and West London.

The Deloitte Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) firm is the largest and oldest indigenous public accounting firms in the Middle East, having been in the region for 85 years. Our Deloitte Discovery team is part of the largest Forensic practice in the region with more than 50 specialists.

EMEA locations include:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Central Europe
  • ​Denmark
  • France
  • ​Germany
  • ​Ireland
  • Isreal
  • ​Italy
  • Middle East and Northern Africa
  • Netherlands
  • South Africa and Central Africa
  • Spain
  • ​Switzerland
  • ​United Kingdom

Deloitte Discovery is well represented in the Asia Pacific region. Some highlights of this team's capabliities include:

Deloitte Discovery is centrally located to collect and process data in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, with five discovery labs in Australia and one in New Zealand. The Deloitte Discovery team in Australia has provided specialized Discovery services to clients since 1998, and has a demonstrated track record of delivering Discovery services in disputes and regulatory investigations. Their services include the use of sound forensic technology practices to collect, preserve, and process data required for the Discovery process or potential use as evidence in legal proceedings.

Deloitte Discovery's China facilities include two secure, purpose-built discovery labs located on Deloitte premises in Hong Kong and Shanghai. These labs feature logged restricted access, and a stand-alone, segregated, and highly secure IT infrastructure. Each data center has a separate discovery and data analysis network, along with offsite storage of evidence files.

The Deloitte Japan team provides technology-driven solutions that address each step of the EDRM, from forensic collections designed and conducted to capture all structured and unstructured data residing on disparate systems in a legally defensible manner, to assisting with data processing and analysis with cutting-edge tools and techniques. This team is well-versed in addressing the complex challenges of dealing with Japanese language and the issues presented by East Asian double byte character sets.

Asia Pacific locations include:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • China
  • India
  • ​Japan
  • ​Korea
  • Southeast Asia

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