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A unique practice for a unique market

Deloitte Private professionals focus on the needs of privately-owned companies, family enterprises and high net worth individuals, private equity firms, and emerging growth companies. We help address the unique challenges faced throughout business life cycle—offering tailored services to help meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Deloitte Private’s holistic approach–combining local knowledge and an international network–helps clients navigate the complexities of today’s global landscape.

We have access to a global network of professionals spanning more than 150 countries and territories who understand the business of private clients. We can share insights from around the world to help clients stay current as they position their company for the future. We not only understand the importance of personal relationships and connections for business owners—we also understand the unique challenges they face.

Deloitte Private leadership

Nathalie Tessier is the Deloitte Private global leader. Nathalie also leads the Global Audit Private sector and is the Global Growth Leader for Audit & Assurance and a member of the Global Audit & Assurance Executive. Nathalie is committed to advancing the value of both Deloitte Private and Audit Private globally, for our stakeholders. The key objectives being to stay open to options, thinking ahead, building strong connections, continually innovating, discovering opportunities and developing genuine insights, in order to deliver a more meaningful and impactful experience.

Deloitte Private Global network

Stephen Kuzyk

CBC Consulting Leader | Bermuda

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Ronaldo Fragoso

Lead Alliances & Ecosystems | Brazil

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Mathew Harris

Managing Partner, Deloitte Private | Canada

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Pablo Herrera

Lead Partner Deloitte Private | Chile

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Javier Montero

Partner, Customer and Industry Leader | Mexico

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Wolfe Tone

Vice Chair, US Deloitte Private Leader | U.S.

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Mabel Kasente Ndawula

Deloitte Private Africa Leader | Africa

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Friedrich Wiesmüllner

Annual and consolidated financial statements audit | Family Business Leader | Austria

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Emmanuel Brehmen

Managing Partner, Deloitte Private | Belgium

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Dr. Gábor Kóka

Partner | Tax and legal | Central Europe

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Ernesto Lanzillo

Partner, Deloitte Private Leader | Central Med.

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Miroslav Svoboda

Partner, Deloitte Private Leader | Czech Republic

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Petr Michalík

Audit & Assurance - Partner | Czech Republic

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Benoit Pimont

Leader Private France | France

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Dr. Christine Wolter

Partner, Deloitte Private and Family Enterprise Leader | Germany

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Anya Cummins

Partner, Head of Deloitte Private | Ireland

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Arnaud Willems

Partner | Deloitte Private Leader | Luxembourg

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David Stark

Partner | Restructuring Services | Middle East

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Ton van Abeelen

Audit - Partner | Netherlands

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Jørn Jepsen

Partner | Nordics

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Krzysztof Gil

Partner in Tax Advisory Department | Poland

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Luís Belo

Tax Leader | Portugal

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Marcelino Alonso Dobao

Business Process Solutions (BPS) Partner | Spain

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Juerg Birri

Partner, Legal | Switzerland

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Özgür Öney

Partner, Deloitte Private Leader | Turkey

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Kirsty Newman

Partner | Tax | United Kingdom

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Emma J Cox

Deloitte Private - Managing Partner | United Kingdom

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Andrew Culley

Managing Partner, Deloitte Private | Global Family Enterprise Leader | Australia

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Frank Xu

Deloitte Private National Leader | China

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William Chou

Asia Pacific Deloitte Private Leader | China

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Michael Tabart

Family Consulting / Chief Strategy Officer / Transfer Pricing | Japan

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Woo Chang Jung

Partner, Deloitte Korea | Korea

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Bill Hale

Partner - Deloitte Private | New Zealand

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Richard Loi

Deloitte Private Leader | Southeast Asia

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Cheli Liaw

National Family Enterprise Leader | Taiwan

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