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The Future of Revenue Authorities

Welcome to the Deloitte Center for Fiscal Systems – dedicated to assisting revenue authorities across the world on their journeys towards better futures for themselves, their stakeholders and the societies they serve.

Revenue authorities are working hard to deliver on core mission objectives, while reimagining the way they operate within complex and constantly evolving fiscal systems. This site brings together a range of resources and insights to support them on this journey.

The modern, integrated revenue authority: lessons from tax and customs integration

With over 70 countries with a unified tax and customs authority, have these mergers always been successful? What are the key ingredients that make this combination work well? What can tax and customs authorities that aren’t merged learn from this partnership?

We've analysed more than 200 countries and jurisdictions and captured the history of reform, where integration has happened, where is next and what lessons can be learnt from the changes already taken place. Our eight-point ‘cookbook’ also offers the ingredients needed to make integration a success.

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Building the digital revenue agency of the future


In a world of accelerating digital and economic disruption, many revenue agencies recognise that yesterday’s taxation models—and the systems that support them—can no longer keep pace with the technology revolution reshaping our world. These aren’t just buzzwords—they are modern-day realities that the world’s revenue agencies face.

Deloitte’s report Building the digital revenue agency of the future explores seven keys to assist revenue agencies on their transformation journeys.

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