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Impact Day 2021

Virtual. WorldClass. Valuable.

In Bangladesh, Impact Day has been our annual tradition of volunteering since 2019. Keeping with the unique times, on 28 November 2021, Deloitte Bangladesh volunteered towards improving life skills and awareness about global issues to make youths from underserved communities to be better prepared for tomorrow, virtually.

What is Impact Day?

We have always been a purpose-driven organisation, which believes that we cannot thrive in isolation. Impact Day is a year-round celebration of Deloitte’s commitment to local communities. Member firms around the world host Impact Day activities where Deloitte professionals spend the day volunteering. Impact Day is an opportunity for Deloitte people to put our passion, determination, and skills to use for the benefit of communities in which we operate, as well as for the planet. 

Hear from the volunteers

Volunteers from Deloitte Bangladesh volunteered towards contributing to the upliftment of young minds from SOS Children's Village International in Bangladesh. 

We organised a session for the co-workers who mentor and take care of the youths at SOS Bangladesh. Our emphasis was to make them aware of how they could focus on the youths’ personal growth aspects like punctuality, finding the unique quality of individuals, having the bravery to say NO to wrong doings, nurturing positive values, etc. We also showed a few video clips to keep them aware of the modern world’s thinking for youths and the importance of teamwork. Our effort was to make this group familiar with the trending culture of dealing with teens.

- Baizid Md Faiaz
Volunteer Leadership for Youth Leaders session

We showcased the power of tracking everyday expenses to meeting short/long term saving goals as part of our financial literacy session. Children were introduced with handy tools ranging from apps to Excel-based analytics to capture daily expenses.

- A K M Azharul Haque
Volunteer Financial Literacy session

On Impact Day, we encouraged the students to explore the different ways they can fulfil their civic duty towards the environment and take initiatives to combat climate change.

- Nusaira Amreen Hassan
Volunteer Climate Action & Civic Duty session

What does SOS Children's Village International in Bangladesh have to say?

SOS Bangladesh would like to express its sincere gratitude to Deloitte Bangladesh for celebrating “Impact Day” with the children and young people of SOS Bangladesh. Around 200 children and youths from six SOS Children’s Village locations in Bangladesh have participated in different sessions conducted by the facilitators of Deloitte Bangladesh. These sessions will have a direct impact on the children and youth and on their overall development.

Fund Development & Communications
SOS Children's Village International in Bangladesh

Why do we do it?

We are driven by our purpose, to make an impact that matters, for clients, talent, and society. Our shared values – lead the way, serve with integrity, take care of each other, foster inclusion, and collaborate for measurable impact - guide our collective behaviour. We demonstrate these through: