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Meet Amine Lamdaouar

Senior Manager, Advisory, Deloitte US

Faces of Industry is a series of articles exploring the personal histories of our professionals, sharing the key experiences that defined their values and exploring why they do what they do. In this story, Amine Lamdaouar tells us how collaborating can bring real impact in the energy sector.

Everything is happening so fast in the energy sector.

Growing up in Morocco and Algeria, Senior Manager Amine Lamdaouar saw first-hand how important it was for people to gain access to clean water, energy sources and infrastructure. Currently based in Washington, DC, he’s always worked at the nexus of energy and international development.

He’s particularly excited about the way working in the energy sector has opened opportunities for collaboration with colleagues in digital, which is having a huge impact on renewables. His team has been collaborating with Deloitte Digital colleagues around smart meters and related advanced technologies that will help improve management of renewable energy systems. “Working with this digital team helps me bring so much added value to my current clients,” he observes, adding that they are now building other proposals together in this ground-breaking space.

To keep on top of developments in energy, Amine regularly taps into the industry resources Deloitte provides. “Everything is happening so fast in the energy sector—it’s a completely different industry than it was 10 years ago.” And he always gets support for attending industry conferences where he can meet leaders and stay abreast of changes.

Whether it’s an analyst or partner with a new idea, “People are really listening to you,” says Amine. He’s always gratified that the ultimate focus is on the impact they’re making for the client. He’s currently working on a project that will provide energy access to thousands of people in West Africa. It’s all about improving people’s lives: “Our goal is to help developing countries and give people access to sustainable energy so they can build their lives. That’s why I get up in the morning.”

Why Industry?

“Expanding your industry knowledge and trying to work outside of your comfort zone is how you progress and bring innovative ideas to your clients,” says Amine. Passionate about industry, he sees that bringing expertise is absolutely critical to clients. “It’s key that we’re able to speak to them very specifically about the latest trends and show our understanding of how the industry is structured,” he says, adding that “if you don’t understand your client’s industry priorities, you can become irrelevant really quickly.” When it comes to the importance of industry knowledge, he says, “Deloitte gets it,” and its culture of being open to new ideas keeps things exciting for him.

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