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Mergers & Acquisitions

Make History.

At Deloitte, we know that every single choice matters. And when it comes to bringing organisations together through mergers and acquisitions or creating new entities through separations and divestitures, there’s no time to second-guess. With the combination of technology and experienced professionals, we uncover, create, and drive maximum value across every stage of a deal.

Making M&A history

In today’s world, M&A can be increasingly complex, and decision-makers should move quickly and confidently to seize new opportunities. We understand the challenges—for both buyers and sellers alike.

Our global network of specialists can provide extensive industry knowledge and experience to help you confidently navigate the complexities of uniting organisations. Building value is our priority and we can work seamlessly with you from start to end.

For sellers

We can help you understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture. We can assess your situation and help support your negotiating position to maximise the sale price and execute the deal with minimal disruption.

For buyers

We recognise the need to unlock value at each stage. We can work with you to identify potential targets and support an efficient transaction process.

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Unlock value across the M&A deal life cycle

Stage 1: Assess opportunities and accelerate growth

Combining local and global experience, we build the right teams to explore potential strategies and assess how emerging tech can accelerate both inorganic and organic growth opportunities.

Our target screening approach can help you identify acquisition targets. Then, we can pinpoint ways to diversify or increase market differentiation.

Stage 2: Prepare for the transaction

To facilitate our clients’ ability to make fully informed transaction decisions, we use our extensive deal and industry experience to highlight key issues and navigate blockers in valuations; deal structure; execution efforts and integration or separation planning.

Throughout the diligence process we impartially interrogate the deal, provide solutions to any risks, and identify and quantify potential upsides. An executive briefing plan and board paper help ensure senior stakeholders understand the deal rationale and its implications, including closing risks.

Stage 3: Set up for success from transaction close

Whether integrating or separating an entity, our team develops a plan to deliver on the anticipated business synergies. This can include running workshops to assess how sales teams, suppliers, employees, systems and processes will integrate; developing a customer retention plan and ensuring all regulatory and compliance obligations are met.

To unlock the full value of the transaction, we can also create and design talent retention programs, and help manage change and communication initiatives to drive a smooth and successful transaction.

Stage 4: Evolve your business to realise greater value

The complex nature of an M&A deal will often prompt our clients to seek a more in-depth and robust understanding of potential disruptors and transformational opportunities to evolve and advance their business.

This might include assessing avenues for value creation, exploring performance improvements or reviewing readiness for disruptive technologies or events that may impact the future stability and success of the business.

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