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ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2023

A new approach to building technology skills

This report from Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society highlights the extensive and rapid impact of critical technologies in Australia. In this period of disruptive change, ensuring that Australia builds the skills to harness the potential of these technologies will be crucial to the countries prosperity.

Critical technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and advanced data analytics are crucial to our prosperity, social cohesiveness, and national security. They will also dramatically disrupt the workforce. Almost 11.2 million workers will be affected as tasks are increasingly accomplished with the assistance AI, robotics, advanced data analytics, virtual worlds, additive manufacturing and advanced communications.  A totally new approach will be needed to ensure Australia’s workforce adjusts and embraces this next wave of digital disruption.

This edition of Australia’s Digital Pulse provides a comprehensive projection around the tech skills demand for critical technologies out to 2030. The report explores the gaps between these skills and the current workforce, details the way critical technologies are expected to reshape the professional workforce and the specialist business functions and roles they will create. Analysis shows 1.8 million new tech skills will be needed by 2030, an increase of 1.3 million on today’s levels. At a minimum Australia will need 445,000 more technology skilled workers by 2030 to keep pace with international economies. This equates to an additional 60,000 technology workers each year.

Addressing the skills challenges will require a concerted and coordinated effort for businesses, industry, government, unions, and education providers. The report outlines five key principles to guide individual policies and initiatives for building tech skills.

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