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Unlock the power of conversations

Strengthen your customer relationships with conversational analytics

The value of conversational insight is largely untapped; despite customer engagement data often being recorded. Traditionally, organisations follow manual call-sampling methods capturing on average less than two percent of all interactions, resulting in an insufficient understanding of current state performance(1). For actionable customer insights, VoiceVision can provide fully customisable, scalable solutions helping to enhance customer experience, improve business performance as well as manage risk and compliance.

Nominated by Gartner as an industry-leading technology, our proprietary purpose-built AI and machine learning (ML) libraries allow you to leverage holistic, best practice solutions(2). Along with our team of forward-thinking speech and data experts, we bring extensive experience in analysing conversational data and uncovering comprehensive insights across various industries.

What does VoiceVision offer?

  • Rapid and flexible customisation captures the uniqueness of how your company and your clients interact.
  • Quick to implement with purpose-built solutions to deliver immediate results and value.
  • Tailored to client risk protocols for a private and secure environment.
  • On-demand access. No software purchases necessary.

Look beyond words to find the true meaning and intent in customer interactions using rapid conversational analytics and insights, powered by a natural language processing (NLP) Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine. Leveraging Deloitte’s expertise alongside custom-built voice analytics solutions, this value-driven technology provides businesses and government organisations with the ability to understand customers, helping you to connect, listen and respond in a meaningful way and transform your organisation.

How does it work?

Our secure and customisable AI-powered conversational platform operates in three simple steps:

  1. Extract purposeful interactions between your employees and customers across various channels.
  2. Our speech experts and AI engine analyse captured data.
  3. We provide meaningful and actionable insights to support decision-making and operational transformation.

VoiceVision helps to drive success across any service industry, including banking, insurance, government and more.

  • Meaningful and detailed analysis: Instantly ingests and analyses meaningful conversational data to identify opportunities for value creation and improvement such as, sales success, propensity to purchase, uplifting agent capability performance and market wants.
  • Bespoke approach: Rapid, flexible configuration tailored to client and customer channel of choice, including voice calls, webchat, email, SMS, social media, and other audio and text sources.
  • Experts in the Industry: Guidance and expertise provided by experienced professionals in speech and data.
  • AI and Machine Learning (ML) powered libraries: AI and ML proprietary libraries and models are conveniently pre-developed and easily customised for easy application to common needs interaction scenarios.
  • Ongoing and accessible customisable value​: Customisable, easy-to-use, industry-specific dashboards, and outputs continuously improved by VoiceVision experts without affecting exclusive operations.
  • Cost efficient: VoiceVision enables on-demand access to industry-leading technology with fast implementation, ready-to-use capability. No software purchases necessary.
Use Cases and Benefits

Help to improve business performance

  • Reach for sales and service success: Potential for improved customer engagement and connection.
  • Know your customers: Use key data points to assist with identification and segmentation of your customer base.
  • Boost productivity: Ability to leverage insights to help increase agent productivity and reduce call volume and cost to serve.
  • Uplift employee performance: Contributes to improving individual employee performance through high-quality training and accelerate time to competency.
  • Root cause analysis: Listen to customers’ pain points to help identify improvement areas and enable innovation to enrich products and services
  • Identify efficiency gains: Obtain insights for more informed decisions and organisation-wide efficiencies.

Enhance customer experience

  • Reducing churn, increasing loyalty: Uncover key loyalty drivers that help to retain customers for the long-term.
  • Identify dissatisfied customers: Potential to identify and remediate customer dissatisfaction and complaints.
  • Automating customer experiences: Undertake call driver analysis to improve self-service and create personalised, automated customer experiences.

Managing risk and compliance

  • Increase visibility: Replace limited quality assurance activity with up to 100% coverage of calls to pinpoint where compliance issues are occurring.
  • Identifying at-risk customers: Identify areas where high risk customer behaviour is present to enable clients to identify possible mitigation requirements.
  • Data security: Robust security and encryption, protecting your data.
Client Story

Deloitte was engaged by RACV, a highly trusted insurer, to enhance their compliance monitoring of customer interactions for all Insurance calls. Over several years, Deloitte expanded its services to also include analysis of, process and procedure adherence, complaints and customer sentiment data, team member performance, and customer call drivers.


Like many other companies, the insurer was using the traditional manual call monitoring approach resulting in only a small percentage of interactions being assessed.


Deloitte implemented VoiceVision to analyse over five million calls over a three-year period to provide targeted insights across the following areas:

  • Assessment of compliance adherence.
  • Detection and classification of complaints including high level complaints and expressions of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Identification of interactions involving disadvantaged customers.
  • Data surrounding teams’ performance based on their compliance with regulations, policy and procedure.
  • Campaign effectiveness management.
  • Call drivers overview. 


Using VoiceVision, Deloitte accelerated solutions to:

  • Automate monitoring: We automated compliance and sentiment monitoring which accurately pinpointed improvement opportunities through better trend analysis.
  • Continue to meet ongoing and changing obligations: Regulatory obligations and internal standards were able to be met with confidence having assessed the full suite of calls to better understand trends.
  • Identify and track dissatisfied customers: The VoiceVision team built a comprehensive system for identifying and tracking complaints and opportunities including potential disadvantaged customers who are then provided with a follow up contact to provide additional assistance.
  • Improve business outcomes and customer care: Tracking and analysing 100% of calls increased visibility on team member behaviour and performance through better trend analysis, customer sentiment and call drivers. This consolidated data allowed root cause analysis to identify unnecessary processes and customer interactions, and help improve efficiency, without adding significant additional human resource costs to its compliance team.1. McKinsey & Company, “From speech to insights: The value of

1. McKinsey & Company, “From speech to insights: The value of the human voice,” accessed 8th November 2022
2. NICE, “Transform your CX with an 8X Gartner Magic QuadrantTM CCaaS Leader”, accessed 8th November 2022


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