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Tech Jobs at Deloitte

We've got tech roles available right across our business and we work on some pretty cool projects – from Experience Design, Fintech, Strategy to Tech Transformation.

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Learn more about the specific Deloitte teams we're hiring into, and the work you can expect in a role with us, to find a career pathway that fits your skills, interests and future ambitions.

Please note: If you're an International Student, all applications must be made via our Expression of Interest form, where you'll be invited to apply as we identify relevant opportunities. Please visit our International Student page for more details.

Tech Jobs: Consulting Pathway

Within our Technology Consulting business, we have teams that operate across the tech lifecycle:

  • Advisory: Be part of a team advising clients upfront on the tech solutions we offer.
  • Implementation: Your client has agreed on the solution, now, be part of the team that provides the architecture that helps answer the question ‘how should we do this’?
  • Data & AI: Here you'll be a specialist in working with the systems and the data that drives our solutions.
  • Delivery: This is where your tech skills come to the fore, working directly in the detail with our product and development teams on the build work to deliver the solution to our clients.

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Tech Jobs: Consulting Pathways

Industry Solutions

Are you looking for a place where your work will help accelerate transformation for your clients – by combining deep industry, sector and domain expertise with a technology focus – to deliver client outcomes in new and innovative ways? Do you want to be at the intersection between business and technology? Look no further!

What will you get to do?

– Every day brings new and exciting challenges as an Industry Solutions consultant. Working on our client's most critical challenges by providing business-led, technology-enabled advisory services to deliver technology and operational solutions for our clients.
– Advise clients in the development of technology strategies, operating models and modern architectures and deliver product/program management and technology-enabled business transformation services for our strategic clients
– Become an expert in and focus on key industries such as Banking, Federal and State government, Insurance, Healthcare and many more.

Degrees:  Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering, Statistics.

Tech Strategy & Transformation

As a team of future-focused Strategists and Architects, we help organisations develop digital and technology strategies to implement changes that build business value and drive enterprise performance. From IT-enabled business change programs to IT operating model transformation and implementing more efficient Lean-Agile development processes, our professionals work across the full IT lifecycle, bringing deep knowledge and experience to our client's most complex challenges.

Every problem we solve equips our graduates with the breadth of skills, knowledge and experience needed to tackle whatever comes next with technological innovations.

What will you get to do?

Our past Grads have worked on some of Australia’s largest technology transformation projects, from:
– Helping an Ambulance Service understand how technology can improve response times and patient outcomes
– Supporting an entire State Government to design a holistic digital solution to deliver better services to the public; and
– Researching industry trends, analysing business and technology needs, and translating them into solutions.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering.

Deloitte Digital

As a digital, customer and marketing consultancy, we believe that the intersection of creativity, technology and business will deliver the most powerful progress. Our difference comes from our depth and diversity. We have the business acumen of a strategic advisor; the design capability of a creative agency and the engineering depth of a technology firm.

We recruit into five main teams:

> Digital Technology & Engineering
We are a large function within our Digital Experience & Marketing team. We are made up of specialists from all aspects of development, AR/VR and digital analysis. We’re focused on delivering the best experiences for customers, across a diverse range of technologies both bespoke and leveraging market-leading platforms. As the conduit between business, technology and creative disciplines, we deliver solid solutions to complex challenges and bring the best customer experiences to life.

Degrees: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Engineering, Commerce, Marketing, Data Science.

> Digital Creative & Design
We are the creative experts in the Digital Experience & Marketing team. Specialising in visual design, creative and advertising strategy, we craft ideas and solutions to ensure stronger user engagement.

Degrees: Visual Communications, Design, Media, Journalism.

> Digital Marketing & Data
As the third function of the Digital Experience & Marketing family, we specialise in marketing technology to deliver a superior personalised customer experience.

Degrees: Marketing, Data Analytics, Data Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology.

> Digital Customer Platforms
Learn from the best and build your knowledge of tech platforms from the ground up. Using market-leading cloud platforms, we combine our deep expertise of the digital space with our unique understanding of customer behaviour. By doing so, we help clients reimagine how profits are made, how customer relationships are nurtured and how customer services can be digitised.

Degrees: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Engineering.

> Digital Strategy & Design
We are a Customer Strategy & Applied Design team – a blend of strategic development, user experience (UX), content and digital design. Use data and human-centred design methods to re-think strategies from the customer first and bring clients on a journey through our collective expertise.

Degrees: Business, Economics, Law, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Visual Communications, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Multimedia Design, Media, Journalism.

> Digital Studios & Operate
We are a team made up of specialists across mobile and front-end developers, DevOps and a range of digital back-end application technologies. We focus on enhancing the experience, delivery and operations of customer & marketing technology solutions that our clients use to power their growth.

Degrees: Software engineering, computer science or technical background.

Emerging ERP

Help clients design, configure, and deploy contemporary cloud technologies to supercharge business operations, gain data-driven insights into their customers, and unlock their growth potential. We support the engine rooms of our clients, offering solutions for success. 

What will you get to do? 

– Work as part of a growing team with industry-leading experience
– Guide clients through complete ERP lifecycles 
– Become an expert on transformational outcomes

Degrees:  Computer Science, Data Analytics, Economics, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering. 

Enterprise Technology (Oracle + SAP)

Our brilliant Consultants get a little uneasy with average and find fulfilment from watching our work succeed in challenging projects. Join us as we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics, Cognitive Learning, Advanced Analytics and deliver solutions through strategic partnerships with SAP & Oracle.

What will you get to do?

– Provide clients with technology advisory services and end-to-end implementation of ERP and cloud-based tech solutions.
– Use world-class software solutions to conduct requirements gathering, business process design and software configuration.
– Choose to specialise in anything from technology strategy and HR technology, to risk advisory and digital!

Degrees: Actuarial Studies, Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering, Statistics, Supply Chain Management.

Cloud & Engineering

Sitting within the Core Business Operations (CBO) team, our team of Cloud experts help clients design and build technology solutions across the entire technology stack, from cloud applications to networks and infrastructure! We have a knack for translating business requirements into future-proof tech solutions that transform the user experience completely.

What will you get to do?

– Contribute to designs, workshops and architecture solutions, and engage in vendor/client sessions.
– Team up with our clients and tech partners to provide cloud (AWS, GCP and Azure), network and security, and digital workplace solutions to help deliver application-focused outcomes.
– Attend industry-level conferences to better understand how our cutting-edge solutions do what they do.

Degrees: Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Communications.

HR Technology & Transformatoin

Sitting within Human Capital Consulting, our forward-thinking team specialises in all things tech. We combine technology with the human experience to unlock innovation and create meaningful work. In doing so, we provide organisations with their greatest competitive advantage – a productive and engaged workforce that drives greater business outcomes. Our purpose is to make work better for people and people better at work.

What will you get to do?

– Work on projects that span from HR strategy and Digital HR through to Workforce solutions and HCM implementations.
– Participate in visual design workshops and get involved in data analysis to generate insights.
– Specialise in the following HCM platforms: SAP SuccessFactors, Workday or Oracle.

Degrees: Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Software Engineering, Business with exposure to Technology.

Data & AI

Our team uses a combination of data insights, modelling, digital technologies and automation to transform and reimagine processes. We're absolute data nerds and love working with numbers and large data sets (the more unstructured, the better!).

What will you get to do?

– Work with clients to scope problems and subsequently clarify and refine requirements.
– Develop your ability to use a variety of analytical tools.
– Learn or develop your skills in languages like SQL or Python using technologies such as AWS, Azure, Google or Databricks. 

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Science, Data Analytics, Data Science.

Cloud Operate

We help our clients evolve their core business operations – fostering an enduring partnership built on a foundation of assets, trust, and care – to become the nerve centre of our client-managed operations.

By enhancing what Deloitte has built, or improving what we didn’t, we use world-leading expertise and assets to deliver unparalleled managed service operations that compete on quality and value, not price. Our team offers DevOps Engineering, 24/7 support, secure cloud hosting, and Industry Solutions as a Service with contemporary technology, modern offerings, and driving continuous evolution in highly complex or mission-critical environments.​ 

What will you get to do? 

– Apply an understanding of our client’s business processes to inform solution development. Helping customers go live, stay live and optimise their systems to increase productivity and quality, and drive revenue.
– Conceptualize solutions and take care of big picture requirements around quality assurance, security, scalability, and maintainability.
– Build solutions involving integration, application development, front-end and server-side environments.

Degrees: Information Systems/Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering. 

Centre for Innovations & Technology (Adelaide)

Adelaide’s Centre for Innovation and Technology is a first for Deloitte in Australia. We are harnessing South Australia’s technology and innovation ecosystem to develop and deliver new offerings for the Australian market more broadly. 

A graduate role within our Centre for Innovation and Technology could see you working with teams, not only in Adelaide but across Australia. There are unique opportunities to collaborate with some of the world’s leading technology providers to address complex operational and business challenges to meet new market needs.

You’ll receive training and development, to support you to become a specialist in market-leading technology (including, but not limited to, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, AWS, and Workday). You’ll work closely with our Technology Alliances and help develop innovative solutions for our clients, our partners and society.

Degrees: Business, Computer Science, Engineering, IT/Information Systems, Software Engineering, Statistics.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Deloitte Supply Chain and Procurement are a team of transformation experts with deep industry insight. The work we do is varied and no two days are the same. A client might ask for advice on how we can build resilience in their supply chain, how to build manufacturing capability, or help them refocus on their people and capabilities for the future in digitally-enabled teams.

What will you get to do?

– Gain enviable exposure to digital transformation, supply chain optimisation, strategic sourcing and procurement.
– Apply creative thinking to help solve some of our client’s biggest challenges across clients in Financial Services, Public Sector, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Mining and Oil and Gas.
– Work on engagements that help organisations differentiate and transform for the future

Degrees: Engineering, Business/Commerce, Law, Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering, Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement.

Engineering, Asset Management & Performance

Deloitte’s Engineering, Asset Management & Performance team has a mission to strategically transform and optimise the performance of Australia’s asset-intensive ​industries in order to build sustainable environmental and financial competitive advantage. We do this by focusing on delivering optimal business performance design, process, and governance; data-enabled and collaborative delivery of complex asset programs; high-performance business outcomes; and asset-centered operations to deliver more value from assets.

Our team provides our clients with high-value-adding services including:
– Large-scale operations transformation;
– Integrated operations design and implementation;
– Intelligent capital programs; and
– Specialist asset management including services across the full asset lifecycle, supporting clients to increase asset and equipment availability and reliability, reduce costs and manage critical asset risk.

Given the importance of asset-intensive organisations to energy transition and decarbonisation, we work alongside our Climate and Sustainability consulting team within a Climate and Engineering portfolio of offerings.

What will you get to do?

In this role, you will work with some of our most experienced leaders and teams in delivering strategy and operations transformation consulting to some of Australia’s most important industries including energy, mining, utilities, transport, and infrastructure. You will:
– Become part of a dynamic team and apply knowledge to practical scenarios to add value to clients
– Contribute to solving complex problems and value creation for Australia’s leading asset-intensive organisations
– Build a career through the development of highly valuable skills working with experienced consultants and industry experts in a high-performing team
– Learn, gain experience, and enjoy the amazing work culture Deloitte can provide.

Degrees: Arts, Law, Architecture, Business, Engineering, Commerce, Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science

Climate & Sustainability

Deloitte’s Climate and Sustainability teams deliver strategic, operational, and digital transformations, helping organisations thrive in a low-emissions, resilient and inclusive economy. We help transform businesses, government, and communities for a sustainable Australia. 

What will you get to do?

– Gather data and information from external sources, Deloitte knowledge bases and client sources to deliver tailored client solutions. 
– Deliver innovative thinking and business-changing recommendations for our clients 
– Design and implement solutions that range from commercialising new ventures to helping transform organisational supply chains by identifying opportunities for reducing carbon emissions.

Degrees: Environmental Science, Data & AI, Engineering, Business, Commerce, Law, Science, Information Systems and Technology, Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics. 

Finance & Performance

Industries are being disrupted at lightning speed and we’re responsible for helping CFOs stay ahead of the curve (and get that extra sleep at night!). Our high-performing and collaborative team offers CFOs advice to predict, forecast and leverage emerging technologies. We enable and optimise our clients’ finance strategies, ensuring that they are aligned with the organisation’s long-term goals.

What will you get to do?

Acquire the technical and functional skills across a spectrum of specialisations across one of our two teams:
–Finance Transformation: Design, implement and optimise strategies across all aspects of the finance function.
–Digital Finance Technology: Provide Fintech solutions that support and improve our client’s finance functions through developing a 360-degree vision for financials, delivering end-to-end services from strategy through to concept, and technology implementation.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering.

Tech Jobs: Other Pathways

Analytic Solutions

Our A&A Analytics Solutions team uses a combination of data insights, modelling, digital technologies, machine learning and automation to transform and re-imagine audit processes. We're absolute data nerds and love working with numbers and large data sets (the more unstructured, the better!).

What will you get to do?

– Attend client meetings to scope problems, and subsequently clarify and refine requirements.
– Transform and analyse client data, developing your ability to use analytical tools such as SQL, Python, Tableau and R.
– Learn or develop your programming skills in languages like Python, C# or JavaScript while enhancing our analytics platform.

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, Science, Data Analytics, Data Science.

*Please note: Study support for the Chartered Accountants (CA) Program is provided for all graduate roles within our Audit & Assurance's Audit team, and across other select areas if the student is CA eligible.

Technology Controls

IT systems and networks are integral to a business's success. In today’s corporate landscape, IT ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex. With greater complexity, comes greater risk. That’s why our team exists. Working with our Finance Audit team, we assist our clients to understand their controls maturity that govern their IT systems in the support of financial risks.

What will you get to do?

– Liaise with clients to understand their business processes, system interfaces and IT infrastructure.
– Investigate and confirm if the client’s IT controls are designed and implemented effectively to address specific financial audit risks.
– Help the team ensure controls are in line with industry standards and best practice.

Degrees: Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science.

*Please note: Study support for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is provided for graduate roles within our Technology Audit team.

IT Services

If you want to be part of a technology office, supporting and delivering services that enable a modern workforce, Deloitte is the perfect place to build a solid foundation of technical know-how while working with emerging technologies. We are hiring into multiple areas of the broader IT Services team so if you have a passion for technology there is sure to be a role that interests you!

What will you get to do?

– Enterprise Application Services
– Infrastructure
– Digital Collaboration & Research
– Project Management Office
– Enterprise Architecture

Degrees: Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security

Forensic Analytics

We support and advise clients on a wide range of financial crime and regulatory issues that include money laundering, financial crime and fraud. Our team of data experts are inquisitors who look for needles in the haystacks of data and information that can signal trouble in the making.

What will you get to do?

– Use data visualisation, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modelling information to facilitate an informed decision-making process for clients.
– Continuously monitor our client’s transactions and activities.
– Identify new opportunities for clients through better utilisation of data.

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Actuarial Studies, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering or Commerce.

Forensic Technology

We help clients navigate tech risks through internal investigations and forensically analysing electronic evidence collected from phones, computers, networks, storage devices and backup systems. We work on projects that involve everything from theft of intellectual property, misuse of computer systems, through to detecting fraudulent activity, intentional deletion of data and tracing data breaches.

What will you get to do?

– Get exposure to tracing data breaches, intellectual property theft, misuse of computer systems and fraudulent activity (such as corruption and money laundering).
– Roll up your sleeves to investigate electronic evidence collected from mobile phones, computers, networks, storage devices and backup systems.
– Design solutions for engagements relating to electronic discovery, forensic investigations, legal support and digital forensics.

Degrees: Data Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering, Law, Criminology, Forensic Science.

M&A (iDeal)

We know that Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are a huge deal for businesses, so we make sure it succeeds from start to finish. Through constant collaboration and professional development, we turn clients’ frustration into assurance with our sophisticated and tailored M&A advice.

What will you get to do?

Get world-class on-the-job training from our global network for M&A professionals and specialise in one of the below teams:

1. Advisory: We support our clients by advising them on M&A transactions, including buying and selling businesses and assets, from the moment they begin to consider a transaction, to the day that the deal completes and ownership changes.
2. Transaction Services*: We make sellers’ lives easier by providing due diligence information, analytics on key financial/operating performance metrics, transaction-related tax and accounting advice, and reviewing sale and purchase agreements.
3. Valuations: We help clients understand the worth of entities, assets and liabilities to make informed business and investment decisions by quantifying and articulating value for the transaction, financial reporting, taxation, financing, litigation and strategic management purposes.
4. Intellectual Property Advisory: Our IP Advisory team specialises in quantifying and optimising the value of tech, data and brands – covering fields as diverse as agritech, biotech, cleantech, fintech and mining tech. We help clients commercialise intellectual property (IP), raise funds, leverage IP in M&A, develop IP strategies and meet intangible asset reporting requirements.
5. Consulting Services: We help clients navigate deals and support them in strategy, research, due diligence, implementation and cost tracking across mergers and divestments with a focus on increasing growth and value.
6. Business Modelling: The business modelling team provides clients with insightful analysis in business planning and forecasting. Using quantitative analysis and sound judgement, we build financial and economic modelling solutions to help our clients make strategic decisions and enhance stakeholder value.
7. iDeal: Every mergers and acquisitions (M&A) decision is driven at least in part by data. In the past, you might not know the real story behind the numbers until your business was in the trenches of post-deal transition. iDeal enables you to go deep into the data to find out what’s really going on within the tight time frame of most deals —before it’s too late.

Degrees: Open to all degrees.

*By joining M&A Transaction Services, you will have opportunities to develop your skills through professional studies, such as support with completing your Chartered Accountants (CA) Program.

Cyber Risk

Cyberspace is constantly evolving and so are the threats it brings. That’s why our work is more meaningful (and exciting) than ever. Always one step ahead, we predict risks and safeguard our clients through end-to-end solutions. 

What will you get to do?

As a worldwide leader in cyber strategy consulting and cyber intelligence, we are comprised of five specialist pillars: 

1. Strategy & Governance: We help clients develop their cyber security strategies and processes to transform security capabilities in an era where cyber is everywhere
2. Architecture & Engineering: We work with clients to design and integrate industry-leading security solutions across cloud, infrastructure, identity and access management and applications) that proactively defend clients against cyber attacks.
3. Identity and Data Protection: Through a wide range of specialised skills in risk, regulation and platform engineering, we help clients with advice and solutions to manage data privacy, integrate automated identity and access management capabilities and data protection
4. Secure Digital Solutions: We design and integrate industry-leading security solutions across the cloud, digital services and operational technology. This includes providing architecture services across a wide range of cyber capabilities and solutions
5. Detect & Respond: We monitor our client’s systems to detect threats and rigorously test their cyber defences. We also advise clients on establishing threat intelligence, security detection, monitoring and automated response capabilities. 

(Strategy & Governance, Architecture and Engineering, Identity, Secure Digital Solutions, Detect and Respond)
: Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, Cyber Security.
(Data Protection): Law, Security Studies, Cyber Security, Commerce, Arts.

Data Risk & Compliance

Our curious and data-driven team is comprised of 3 main pillars:

1. Data Risk & Compliance Analytics: Our Data Risk and Compliance Analytics team supports our clients from the development of their data strategy and governance framework through to the implementation of operational analytics solutions leveraging robotic process automation and machine learning. Currently, we’re focusing on regulatory compliance, reducing operational risk, data lifecycle management, and controls transformation within a wide range of industries!

2. Workplace Integrity: Our Workplace Integrity team combines practitioners with advanced analytic skills and deep industrial relations expertise to support clients to navigate the complex workplace regulatory landscape and identify innovative opportunities to achieve great outcomes for businesses and their employees.

3. Advisory: Our Advisory team works closely with clients to advise, implement, and deliver solutions that address complex regulatory risks. We bring together risk, process, and control transformation to embed and improve our client's operating models, underpinned by data analytics. This provides our clients with the comfort that risks are appropriately mitigated, streamlines their operating model, and drives intelligent decision-making through the use of data. 

What will you get to do?

No two days are the same in the Data & Analytics team as you help clients navigate and understand complex business issues and organise them into data-driven solutions to build process flow and build data strategy.

On a typical project, you’ll work closely with a team of experts and start off by sourcing and preparing data for analysis. Then, you’ll dive deep into the data to develop meaningful insights to present back to the client using software like Excel, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. Advanced statistical modelling software such as Python and R are tools at your disposal. Don’t fret, you'll have 100% support from the team as you pick up these new skills! Once you’ve discovered hidden data insights, you’ll get to develop tailored recommendations and solutions for the client. Pretty cool, right?

(Data Risk):
 Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Studies, Commerce, IT, Computer Science
(Advisory & Workplace Integrity): Business, Commerce, Finance, Law, Politics, Humanities, Economics

Risk & Controls Intelligence

Every day, we help clients navigate uncertainty, enabling them to embrace the inherent risks that come with opportunity. With deep expertise across business processes and tech risk, we’re the only one of the Big 4 who advises across so many aspects of risk. 

What will you get to do?

Work with our specialists across our four pillars:

1. Internal Audit – Providing confidence to our clients that their risk and control strategies are working through assessments of key financial, and operational business processes and technologies  
2. Risk Management & Transformation – Designing smart solutions to improve risk management and frameworks and capabilities that enable successful business outcomes  
3. Controls Consulting – Helping clients design, implement and test the effectiveness of internal controls that they rely on to manage their key risks. 
4. Governance – Working with clients to help them improve the effectiveness of governance across their organisation.  

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, Information Systems, Arts.

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