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Three days of reflection in January

The three perspectives are an Indigenous gift of healing and celebration from Deloitte’s Indigenous leaders.

As we approach 26 January 2022, it is timely to reflect on our national identity and consider how our present and future possibilities are shaped by our past. Ours is a rich society with enormous potential; but it is also not without meaningful challenges. We have an opportunity to forge a shared idea of a prosperous Australia, drawing on the value of all cultures, new ideas, and our uniquely Australian capability. But how do we truly embrace the future when we have not reckoned with our past?

Deloitte’s Indigenous Leadership Team has developed an approach that enables our people to imagine a new Australia by owning the truth of our history. The aim of this initiative is to lift our thinking above and beyond the focus on celebrating European settlement on this land in 1788. Working together, we can constructively build a future that is enriched by the world’s oldest continuous culture, drawing on its ancient truth and wisdom.

At its heart is the importance of considering 26 January in a sensitive and authentic way and having us reflect on three different perspectives: The Day Before, The Day of Arrival, and The Day After. This is an invitation to face the difficult truths; to embrace the strength and wonder of our deepest history; to be inspired by this country’s ancient, pre-colonial civilisation; and to also imagine something better for all of us.

The three perspectives are an Indigenous gift of healing and celebration from Deloitte’s Indigenous leaders. They are not about changing the date of Australia Day – but about elevating and enhancing our understanding of the meaning of this day and what it means to be Australian.

This year, we seek to broaden our commitment to walking and working with First Nations. We want to be a firm that’s informed by Indigenous wisdom, recognising it as the foundation for a new all-embracing idea of Australia. Our three perspectives are an important part of that journey.

The three perspectives: 25 – 27 January


25 January: RESPECT

Appreciate and celebrate the 65,000 years of history and culture before
26 January 1788. Let’s pause and record that moment in time. On this day we
also want to acknowledge and respect the depth of extraordinary knowledge and wisdom that can still inform how we live prosperously in this land.

26 January: REFLECT

The anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships
at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain
at Sydney Cove. For some, this is a day of celebration. Others may be sad, angryor silent.

27 January: REINVENT

The day after is full of possibility. Since 1788, our nation has
blossomed with many new cultures and waves of migration. This is a day to
embrace and celebrate a new, shared beginning for our nation.

*In consultation with Deloitte’s Indigenous Leadership Team – Deen Sanders, Worimi man, Rick Shaw Gamilaroi man, Angela Robinson, Trawlwoolway woman, Joe Hedger, Bundjalung man.