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Saudamini Dubey

Digital Transformation Lead Partner

Saudamini is an accomplished Digital Transformation Executive with over twenty years of experience in global consultancies across Middle East and Africa. She has been actively leading, and delivering complex, transformative digital initiatives with global organizations across geographies, industries and cultures. Saudamini is passionate about building, leading and scaling Teams in the digital domain, including Design and Innovation Studios, for value creation for Clients.

Saudamini’s experience includes spearheading exciting and innovative programs for government, healthcare and transportation industries. Her extensive experience has helped her appreciate organizational culture and value drivers that go beyond commercial success. She realizes the importance of showing early, regular and, tangible results, through embracing agile delivery and culture. Saudamini plays the role of a Trusted Advisor to C-level Executives in the Public Sector.

While the confluence of innovative technologies is presenting us unprecedented opportunities, Saudamini strongly believes that a ‘People First’ culture is key for sustainable performance. She uses external platforms to participate in, and champion causes closest to her heart including Responsible Leadership, I&D, Corporate Citizenship and Workforce of the Future.