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Confidently Queensland

Creating a liveable, diversified and inclusive Queensland

Ready to shape the future of Queensland?

We are.

Because in Queensland we’re setting the pace and raising the bar on liveable communities, a diversified economy and inclusive growth.

It’s time to join forces across business, government and the community in driving the right choices to create our future. Because, if we collectively deliver a confident Queensland in 2027, we can make a real impact and a strong contribution, to our communities, jobs and the economy.

How can you contribute? We put five industries under the spotlight:

Download our report to find out how each industry can play a key role in shaping Queensland’s next decade. And read our blogs on what the future agribusiness, tourism and education sectors might look like in 2027.

What if we get it right? There's a lot at stake:

Watch our two minute snapshot

So let’s unleash Queensland’s future: collaboratively, creatively and confidently. Watch our two minute snapshot to find out more:

Queensland’s identity, now and 2027

Ask any Queenslander and they’ll tell you we live in the best place on earth. When we conducted a national survey asking Australians about how they see their State’s identity, now and in 10 years, we also asked them to prioritise how they would allocate spending on issues affecting the State. The resounding response from Queenslanders was that we’re the lifestyle State – a wonderful and enviable position to be in.

Check out how your region compares with other parts of Queensland:

Explore the Future of Mobility™ to learn about how the entire mobility ecosystem, along with our expectations, is changing.

Let’s get started!

Contact our Confidently Queensland team to find out what this means for you and how you can get involved in reaching the 2027 vision.

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