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Tax Services and Advisory

Deloitte offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. Our approach combines insight and innovation to help your company excel. Our expertise in a wide range of financial tax and legal services in combination with our extensive international network enables us to provide solutions for your business. Our team helps companies implement practical strategies to better manage taxes on earnings and cash flows so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Managing tax and statutory compliance obligations continues to be a challenge for companies, whether they are located in only one jurisdiction or have operations in multiple territories. Compliance and reporting is never a case of 'one method fits all', therefore we match and tailor our services to whatever best suits your, taking into account scope, in-house capabilities and your unique approach to technological solutions.

Our services include:

  • Tax Assurance & Tax Accounting
  • Tax Advisory
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Scans & Due Diligence
  • Tax Payroll & Expat Services

Service descriptions

Tax Assurance and Tax Accounting are important for every taxpayer. However, taxpayers who want to be “in control” of their taxes seem to value the importance of tax assurance and tax accounting more. A part of tax assurance includes having a well-functioning tax control framework (TCF) in place. Not having a well-functioning TCF in place puts the company at risk of not being “in control” of its tax position.

We specialize in:

Tax Control Framework – Providing a set of processes and internal control procedures that allows organizations to identify tax opportunities and integrate governance policies, internal controls and tax processes to achieve strong tax risk management. 

Tax Risk Management - Making sure that policy decisions and positions in tax returns are in line with the tax risk appetite. 

Tax Accounting – Determine the differences in the financial statements for statutory and tax purposes. Furthermore, the deferred tax assets or the deferred tax liability can be calculated in the process of preparation of the financial statements.

Identify Tax Risk Related to IFRS - Specializing in analyzing the IFRS and determining (and quantifying) the taxation consequences of these regulations.

Tax advisory will lead to tax optimization, by reducing or eliminating your tax liability through tax-efficient choices. Assist you with a broad understanding of the elements of tax planning such as your tax liability, deductions, and investment options, you can make informed decisions. 

We specialize in: 

Advice of the Effect of Legislative Changes – International and local developments result in regular changes in tax legislation. We help you navigate the consequences of these changes on your tax position. 

Group Planning, Restructuring and Takeovers - Restructuring and takeovers may have an important impact on your tax position. We help you find the best way to  restructure or expand your business.

Planning for the Optimum Utilization of Losses – We can help find the right option to prevent expiration of your tax losses. 

Minimizing Exposure to Capital Gains - We help you find the best option to minimize tax on capital gains in your business.

We specialize in:

Strategic Transfer Pricing Planning - Tax Departments focus more and more on intra-group transactions. Planning will support comfort in your tax position on intra-group transactions.

Reviewing the Pricing Methodology for New Transactions with Affiliated Entities - We help you decide on the best pricing methodology for your intra-group transactions.

Performing Benchmark Studies for New Intra-group Transactions - With a good benchmark study in place, adjustments by the tax department to your intra-group pricing methodology is much less likely.

Planning and Restructuring on Intra-group Transactions - Restructuring intra-group transactions to make sure they are in line with current accepted standards and to save costs.

We help you with various tax aspects and make sure you meet the regulations.

We specialize in:

Direct and Indirect Taxes - Prepare and review the tax returns so that they comply with the standards/requirements. Businesses can select the requisite level of service to fulfill their tax compliance needs. Determine and report withholding taxes that are due.

Dispute Resolution (incl. Tax Litigation)

Tax Filing - Upload and electronically file tax returns or complete paper returns as required by the local taxing authority

Banking & Finance (Legal) - Compliance with the banking and finance regulations that may apply to your business, such as, among others, the foreign exchange regulation.

Commercial Law - Guidance in case you want to set up or liquidate an entity, change its seat, or when restructuring your business, making it as efficient as possible.

Corporate Law - Prepare, review, and file corporate income tax returns per local and GAAP statutory standards/requirements. Businesses can select the requisite level of service to fulfill their tax compliance needs

We will assist you in detecting quick wins and covering any possible risks or fines.

We specialize in:

Tax Quick Scans - Various tax regulations apply to your organization and the transactions it performs. Deloitte can assist you in further developing your core business and become the leader in your competence field, while keeping up with the regulatory requirements.

Substance Scan - International developments direct more and more focus to so-called real substance of entities in the countries where they perform their activities. In line with that trend, Curaçao has adopted specific substance requirements for companies that want to apply advantageous tax rates or regimes. 

Direct Foreign and Local Expenses Scan - For companies active in Curaçao following the general territorial tax system, the tax base depends on the ration of direct foreign and local expenses. We will assist you in determining which expenses can be deemed direct expenses, and which are foreign or local. We will also advise you in amending the way you keep your accounts to simplify the determination of these expenses and the ratio as simple as possible.

Due Diligence - Comprehensive examination to uncover significant potential tax exposures. 

Tax Payroll & Expat Services

We will assist you in running (monthly) payroll and request ex-pat status for employees from abroad.

We specialize in:

Tax Advisory & Payroll Services - Payroll service, wage or retirement benefit calculations, maximizing the use of fringe benefits, salary splits and other options to minimize the wage tax burden.

Expatriate Tax Services - Employees from abroad may be eligible for the so-called ex-pat status. We advise you on how to maximize the tax advantage and file the request for application. 

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