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Reward, Employment Tax & Share Plans

Reward, employment tax and global share plans designed just for you

We help you design cost-effective, tax-efficient, and compliant reward and payroll programs that align with talent strategies and diverse workforce needs.

Effective, compliant, and human-centered

We provide advisory services to support your compensation plans, employment taxes, and payroll. Together, we can create local and global reward programs that can benefit both your business and your employees—aligning them with talent strategies and your diverse workforce needs. 

We evaluate compensation-related tax matters across a business’ life cycle, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and general restructuring.

We work with you to create total reward programs, incentives, and benefits that are attractive to employees and provide an efficient return on investment.

Explore Reward, Employment Tax & Share Plans services

Executive Compensation Advisory

We can help you design your remuneration strategy, benefit policies, and pension structure. We also benchmark executive pay levels and advise on disclosures, tax obligations, and more. 

Equity & Incentives

We help design and operate employee incentives, and specialize in: plan design, governance, compliance, tax, legal and regulatory, operations, communications, and more.

Employment Taxes Services

Manage employment tax risk with the help of specialists and market-leading technologies. Our technology platform, Global Advantage, helps manage tax, social security, and other reporting requirements. 

Employee Communications

We help you communicate your global incentive plan, equity, employee reward and employment tax plan in a way that can keep employees engaged using tailored creative communication strategies. 

Payroll Advisory

Our HR and payroll advisory services can help you develop and operate flexible efficient payroll functions, offering human resources and payroll advisory services, that make tasks more efficient. We can also help you choose a payroll vendor and more. 

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