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Post-Merger Integration

Realizing tax benefits with post-merger integration services

Negotiating a merger or acquisition (M&A) involves documenting the tax implications of the transaction and clarifying the anticipated tax benefits that will flow to the newly formed entity. Capturing those benefits, however, requires focused effort in the post-merger integration phase—a busy time when many operating and organizational changes happen, and deal team members may have moved on to other projects.

Deloitte’s post-merger tax integration and M&A tax structuring specialists help manage these complexities. We work with legal and financial teams for buyers and sellers to execute the agreed-upon tax structuring plan and work with leaders across your organization to achieve any post-merger tax synergies expected.

Deloitte’s post-merger integration services include tactical and strategic guidance to help clients unlock value. We work with you to develop a post-merger integration checklist and a Day One tax readiness plan. These help to address potential vulnerabilities discovered during pre-merger due diligence and help implement the post-merger vision by creating or refining tax structures, legal entities, and functions. Deloitte teams can work with legal and financial specialists to secure necessary tax opinions, for example, and advise on the use of tax credits and incentives.

Deloitte’s methodical approach to post-merger integration services is grounded in our desire to see each merger and acquisition that we advise on deliver long-term business benefits for the parties—we go beyond completing the technical actions and required filings for a specific transaction. The post-merger integration period also provides opportunities to strengthen the tax foundation of the organization by improving overall tax compliance, if required, harmonizing internal tax policies and reporting systems, and educating business leaders about tax strategies that apply to specific functions and resources, from shared services teams to sales groups and supply chain components.

Deloitte can work with your financial and country leaders to conduct deductible transaction cost studies and transfer pricing studies during the post-merger period to clarify the status and tax positioning of various assets. Similarly, many mergers and acquisitions involve accounting method changes; Deloitte team members can help explain and advise on systems and processes needed to operationalize the transition.

Deloitte’s post-merger integration services help clients move beyond the vision of a transaction to make it a reality, employing tax strategies that reflect their intentions and deliver sustainable business benefits.