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Executive Compensation Advisory

Compensation plans that motivate talent and support business strategy



Tailored and bespoke compensation strategy to support your objectives

An effective executive compensation strategy goes beyond financial incentives. It must attract, retain, and motivate high-caliber talent while supporting business strategy, helping achieve company goals, and reinforcing organizational values and regulatory compliance.

Deloitte’s executive compensation specialists work with compensation and human resources teams to design and implement a company’s remuneration strategy, benefit policies, and pension structure. From startups to global companies, we help benchmark executive pay levels and advise on disclosures, tax obligations, and governance. Whether you are positioning for growth, rebuilding a leadership team, in the midst of a merger and acquisition, or preparing for an IPO, we can advise on compensation issues, conduct benchmarking, and perform HR due diligence. For private equity, family office, and real estate funds, we can provide an objective perspective on incentive plan design and tax structure.

Communication is key

The most effective executive compensation plans are well understood by the executive team and this requires clear, timely, and concise communication. Deloitte’s specialist creative agency, Stitch Communications, can support your executive compensation plan communications in such a way that your leadership is fully informed, aware of expectations, and poised to support company goals. Ultimately, a successful executive compensation plan helps leaders feel connected to your business and motivated to stay longer.

At Deloitte, we offer:

  • An objective, independent perspective on executive compensation
  • A collaborative approach tailored to an organization’s needs
  • Access to compensation trend analysis and thought leadership
  • Databases and data mining tools that enable fact-based competitive analysis, executive pay benchmarking, performance measurement and testing, and decision-making
  • Access to extensive tax, accounting, and corporate governance knowledge and experience