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The new financial reporting compliance demand is imminent. Get ready. Get ahead. Get DeFINE 17.

With the imminent launch of the new IFRS accounting standard requirements in the insurance sector, Deloitte has developed DeFINE 17, an all-round cost-effective accounting engine designed to simplify and fast track compliance.

We understand that new international standards create new demands. Adding pressure and time sensitive commitments to a busy team.

DeFINE 17 is easily integrated and rapidly deployable, removing your reporting and accounting burdens in a simple-to-use, tried and tested engine.

Unlike other offerings, DeFINE17 has a range of additional components including enhanced data analytics that can easily form part of a wider technology transformation.

Define your strategy and compliance solutions with DeFINE17.

Why DeFINE 17?

  • Delivers functionality to produce the actuarial inputs needed by IFRS 17.
  • Uniquely designed to offer an accelerated implementation.
  • no cloud restriction issues.
  • Easily deployed on your private cloud so the data will not be exported outside of your network.

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