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Stepping into the Future of Cyber - Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Deloitte’s 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey reveals that cyber increasingly plays a foundational role in delivering business outcomes. For technology, media, and telecom (TMT) companies, the quality of those outcomes will depend on how well decision-makers understand today’s environment and prepare for what comes next.

These five highlights provide a glimpse into where technology, media and telecom organizations are now—and where they are going.

Becoming cyber-ready


How can technology, media, and telecom organizations prepare for an evolving cyber landscape? The following five insights and corresponding actions, based on Deloitte’s experience and our survey findings, can provide a starting point for navigating the future of cyber.

Insights to inspire and Actions to consider


1. The 5G era has arrived, along with big cyber needs. 5G is driving business ambitions and digital transformation. Securing end-to-end processes and building trust will be crucial for realizing business value with 5G. Among TMT companies, 80% say cyber will play a large or moderate role in 5G initiatives.

Peel back the layers of 5G. 5G data and networks will rely heavily on cloud services. Understand where that data will reside—public cloud or private cloud, for example—and then understand how that should influence your cyber plans and actions.


2. The web of data privacy considerations keeps growing. For many TMT companies, private data continues to be central to enhanced customer service, business differentiation, and revenue generation. As organizations seek to leverage the data in new ways, they may unwittingly compromise privacy and erode trust.

Build a bridge between privacy needs and business goals. Deploy digital solutions that can let you monetize private data while ensuring individuals’ privacy. Dynamic masking technology is one potential tool that can help. 


3. Regulations are changing fast—and changing everywhere. From streamers to telecom companies to software and hardware companies, nearly every player in the TMT space is operating in a rapidly evolving global regulatory environment. Balancing cyber realities and regulatory needs presents a complex challenge.

Take a targeted approach to regulations. Lean on intelligent technologies to automate tasks for addressing regulations by specific region or country. And think twice before creating a single global policy or process just to address one country’s regulation.


4. Quantum computing will dramatically shape the future of cyber. As quantum technology matures, it might render today’s encryption useless. Yet among TMT companies surveyed, quantum computing ranks near the bottom of the priority list for digital transformation initiatives—far behind cloud and data analytics. 

Get onboard the quantum train. Do not wait for quantum to become mainstream. Start crafting your post-quantum cyber strategy now. Being prepared for the quantum era will be essential to protecting intellectual property, privacy, trust, and profits.


5. The great cloud migration is gaining momentum. For telecom, tech, and media companies, growing amounts of data mean massive needs for storage, accessibility, and flexibility. Cloud is the way. It represents the top digital priority of TMT companies surveyed. It also represents new potential for cyber risk.

Take control of your cloud destiny. Actively investigate your cloud/cyber options. Possible strategies may include encrypting data before storing it, “bring your own key” systems, secure access service edge architecture, and other zero trust measures.

To get a broader view of the cyber landscape, explore additional insights from the Deloitte 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey, which asked 1,110 leaders across industries and across the globe to share their views on cyber threats, enterprise activities, and the future.