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Deloitte Legal Industries

Deloitte Legal Industry teams combine specific industry knowledge with broad legal experience to offer focused, client-centered service to national and multinational organizations.

Industries served

Throughout our global network, Deloitte Legal professionals can offer various banking and securities legal solutions to clients operating in the financial services industry. Whether it is banking and regulated non-banking institutions, securities, or M&A involving FSI entities, a team of approximately 140 experienced lawyers located across our member firm network ensures that all legal business needs of our clients are met. The group is well connected to the wider network of Deloitte professionals specializing in matters relevant to the banking and securities industry, and are able to assist in both local and cross-border projects, including those that require a complex multidisciplinary approach.

Our services include:

Banking and finance law

  • Loan transactional assistance (lender/borrower side)
  • Finance deals
  • Loan work out/restructuring
  • NPL deals
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance assistance for credit and financial institutions

M&A involving FSI entities

  • Mergers and acquisitions of licensed entities (credit and financial institutions)
  • Reorganisation of licensed entities via intra-group mergers/spin-offs

Securities law

  • Assistance to companies admitted to trading on regulated markets/ATS, licensed intermediaries and investors
  • Pre/Post IPO assistance
  • Public offerings
  • Securities law compliance (including without limitation compliance with transparency and market abuse regulations)
  • Market abuse cases
  • Stock option plans

The Deloitte Legal Financial Services Industry Group is led by Dr. Mathias Hanten, Deloitte Global Financial Services Business Leader - Deloitte Legal.

Deloitte Legal serves clients operating in the energy and resources industry worldwide. Our professionals specialize in various areas including oil, gas, power, water, mining, shipping and ports. The group is well connected to the wider network of Deloitte professionals specializing in matters relevant to the energy and resources industry.

Our services include:

  • M&A advice and legal due diligence related to M&A transactions, including acquisition of shares of companies having ownership of renewable energy plants (e.g. photovoltaic, wind, biomasses)
    • Assistance with negotiations
    • Legal due diligence
    • Drafting relevant M&A documents (e.g. letter of intent, standstill agreement, SPA etc.)
    • Closing and post-closing activity
    • M&A advice in relation to possible damages
  • Assistance in corporate structuring and financing
  • Commercial agreements: drafting/reviewing of commercial agreements, including service, supply and cooperation agreements with reference to all relevant energy and resources areas of activity (e.g. EPC and O&M agreements)
  • Regulatory market study activities: drafting market reports on specific areas (e.g. gas, electricity, renewable energy) or market segments (upstream, midstream, downstream) to illustrate the legal requirements to enter and operate in the relevant market (regulatory framework, infrastructure requirements, authorization and environmental authorization)
  • Cross functional capabilities: work with other member firm/country functions and energy and resources industry teams to develop solutions for global clients which include joint proposals involving multiple teams
  • Employment and benefit law and legal services for clients operating in the energy and resources industry
  • Attainment and recognition of licences and representation within authorization proceedings with Public Authorities

The Deloitte Legal Energy, Resources & Industrials Industry Group is led by Valeria Vazquez, Deloitte Global Energy and Resources Business Leader - Deloitte Legal.

Deloitte Legal offers a broad range of services to clients operating in the real estate and construction industry around the world. Many of the Deloitte Legal practices serve the industry’s largest REITs and property companies, construction and engineering companies, and real estate investors.

The Deloitte Legal Real Estate and Construction Industry Group consists of lawyers, legal advisors and other professionals with a specialized industry focus and broad experience with real estate and construction related legal matters. The group is well connected to the wider network of Deloitte professionals specializing in the industry, comprising nearly 8,000 dedicated professionals in more than 40 countries.

Our services include:

  • Real estate transactions and due diligence
  • Real estate finance.
  • Lease and asset management.
  • Construction and PPP contracts
  • Development and planning
  • Dispute resolution

The Deloitte Real Estate Industry Group is led by Corinne Knops, Deloitte Global Real Estate Business Leader - Deloitte Legal.

Deloitte Legal's technology, media and telecommunications industry professionals are adept at serving clients with various legal needs related to technology including hardware, software, internet, technology services and clean tech. The group is also equipped to cater to the media’s legal matters in advertising, marketing, cable, broadcasting, electronic games, information services, movies, music and online media, as well as telecom industry in wireline, wireless, satellite and telecommunication equipment.

Our services include:

  • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate restructuring, PE, joint venture
  • Outsourcing (IT and BPO)
  • Business Model Optimization
  • Supply chain management
  • Intellectual Property/Intellectual Capital; royalty recognition
  • Commercial contracting; licensing
  • Intangibles Management
  • (unfair) competition
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory, public sector
  • Litigation, ADR and Tax Controversy support
  • Employment and Benefits
  • Distribution
  • Insurance

The Deloitte Legal TMT industry group is led by Ida Palombella, Deloitte Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Business Leader - Deloitte Legal.