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Fix, sell, or close?

Advising and implementing a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive solution for underperforming and non-core businesses

Even the most successful companies around the globe may need to address and reconsider the future of underperforming and non-core assets. This will often involve working out how to make a clean cut and sometimes in an accelerated time-table.

Corporates are challenged to use their capital effectively, particularly if that capital is trapped in non-core or underperforming businesses.

There are many external factors that can trigger a decision to exit. Faced with these challenges, management teams need to proactively address businesses that are consistently unable to meet expectations. And timing matters—when boards fail to act in a timely manner, the options and opportunities to manage risk and capture financial upsides are diminished.

Fix, sell, or close? outlines the steps in an exit process and provides case studies on successful exits of non-core or underperforming businesses. Download it to better understand how Deloitte helps clients in structuring and delivering an exit that balances the elements that are critical to the client—including: valuable resource, timing, financial implications, reputational matters and risk mitigation and how to deal with the legacy legal entities after exit.

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