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Mission is critical

2022 global perspectives for private companies

Deloitte Private Global conducted a survey of more than 3,150 executives in 38 countries to understand their plans, priorities and expectations, and to determine if we could uncover behaviors or focus areas that might produce outsized results.

Considering the myriad challenges businesses are facing today, CEOs bear an enormous responsibility: to stakeholders, owners, employees, customers, the community, and family members—for driving decision-making in their organizations.

Our latest Deloitte Private survey conducted by OnResearch examines the correlation between a private company’s focus on mission and its impact on the decisions of employees, external partners, customers, and stakeholders, and we grouped respondents according to a high, medium, or low level of alignment between company mission and decision-making.

Key survey findings:

·       85% of “high alignment” private companies have a high level of digital transformation.

·       60% of employees at high alignment private companies have “very high” trust in their company.

·       33% selected “inflation” as the top risk factor to private company growth over the next 12 months. 

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